How to Vote for Game of the Year A guide on Voting for Game of the Year

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As the year draws to a close, discussions about the year’s best games naturally emerge. Despite the challenge of selecting the standout titles in 2023, the gaming community, fueled by the media, eagerly takes on the task.  Geoff Keighley and The Game Awards organizers have already revealed the finalists for each award category. And not just that, they’ve thrown open the gates for audience participation, inviting gamers to cast their votes and champion their favorites.

The Game Awards 2023 Nominees

The curtain has dropped on the nominees for the tenth annual Game Awards, and the stage is set for fan voting. If you’re itching to see your favorite game clinch the trophy and bask in the glory of bragging rights, fret not. We’ve got the lowdown on exactly how to cast your vote.

Major contenders like “Alan Wake 2,” “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” and “Baldur’s Gate 3” are competing fiercely for the Game of the Year title. Beyond this prestigious category, there’s a plethora of others, covering accessibility, art direction, adaptations, and more. The lineup is packed with titles all vying for their moment of victory.

Voting for The Game Awards 2023 Nominees

If you’re ready to make your voice heard in The Game Awards 2023, head straight to the official Game Awards website. Just like in previous years, potential voters can log in and cast their votes through Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter/X accounts. Simply choose your preferred login platform and set sail into the realm of votes.

Once you’ve logged in, the voting adventure begins. Navigate through the categories and cast your votes for your favorite finalists. Remember, you only get one chance per category, so ensure your choices are final before you submit your ballot.

It’s essential to note that fan voting accounts for just 10% of the award voting process. The remaining 90% comes from a carefully selected jury responsible for determining the award winners. The show’s website addresses the rationale behind this split in its FAQ section.

Fan Voting Process

Fan voting is in full swing and will continue until 6 pm PT on Wednesday, December 6 – or 1 pm AEDT on December 7 for our Aussie friends. There are two primary avenues for casting your vote:

  1. Sign up on The Game Awards website and visit the voting portal.
  2. Join the official Game Awards Discord server and cast your vote using the TGA bot.

For our friends in China, voting is possible through Bilibili, WeChat, and various other platforms, as detailed in The Game Awards FAQ.

As the voting phase concludes, there’s only one thing left to do: sit back, relax, and witness the grand ceremony on December 7 at 7:30 pm ET (or 11:30 am AEDT on December 8 for our Australian audience). Tune in on Twitch, YouTube, and other video hosting platforms to catch The Game Awards airing live from the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles.

The gaming community is in for a thrilling ride as the best of the best contend for recognition in The Game Awards 2023. So, gear up, cast your votes, and prepare for a celebration of gaming excellence on December 7!