How to Solve Wyrmway Puzzles in Baldur’s Gate 3 A guide on Solving Wyrmway Puzzles in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3, a game teeming with secrets and challenges, takes players on a thrilling adventure. One such mystery lies within the Wyrm’s Rock Prison area, where players discover the cryptic Wyrmway puzzles. These puzzles are no walk in the park, and navigating through them requires a deep understanding of the subject. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of each trial, providing you with the tools to conquer the challenges and unveil the hidden wyrm beneath the city.

Credits – PCGamer

Wyrm’s Rock Prison

On this journey, players liberate Grand Duke Ravengard during Act 3, only to unravel the existence of an ancient dragon safeguarding the city. To reach this draconian guardian, players must ignite two torches in the Wyrm’s Rock Prison using Lightning damage and uncover a concealed door. However, the road ahead is riddled with trials created by the legendary Balduran, each designed to judge the party’s virtues.

Chamber of Courage

The first trial, the Chamber of Courage, introduces a blend of combat and strategy. interact with the Balduran statue to acquire a torch, a crucial element for futurte use. The objective is simple: ensure the torchbearer stands tall after four rounds of combat. Water and air elementals, alongside myrmadons, will assail the party, targeting the torchbearer relentlessly.

To tip the scales in your favor, exploit the open chasms surrounding the arena. Utilize spells like Telekinesis, class abilities such as Pushing Attack, or actions like Shove to knock adversaries out of bounds. Strategic positioning away from the edges ensures victory. Triumphing in this trial opens the gate to the wyrm, revealing the coveted Helm of Balduran.

Chamber of Justice

The Chamber of Justice confronts players with a moral dilemma, requiring them to pass judgment on a thief based on his deeds and intentions. Examine the paintings counterclockwise to unravel the thief’s narrative, but be wary of the Judge, an entity shrouding the final three paintings in corrupted justice.

Immune to conventional damage, the Judge harbors a curse that players can dispel with Remove Curse spells. Clerics possess this ability, and scrolls offer an alternative for other characters. The last step involves selecting the painting titled “The Cell” from the central trio and placing it in the Empty Niche. A fair decision ensures success in this trial.

Chamber of Strategy

The Chamber of Strategy introduces a chess-like board, challenging players to checkmate the black king in two moves using the white pieces. Prioritize destroying Attuned Crystals, susceptible to double damage from Bludgeoning weapons, to access the chamber.

For those wary of chess complexities, fear not; you have three attempts to accomplish this trial. A subtle hint: focus on moving the queen. To secure victory, move the queen diagonally to the board’s corner and then four spaces to align it with the black king and the white rook. Witness the black king’s disappearance, signaling triumph.

Chamber of Insight

In the Chamber of Insight, players encounter three shades with distinctive future plans. The challenge lies in discerning the most harmful viewpoint and neutralizing the respective shade. The complication arises as the shades’ written beliefs soar around the room, avoiding scrutiny.

To decipher the shades’ intentions without causing harm to the books, activate turn-based mode and assign a party member to throw each book. Though seemingly ineffective, once the round concludes, the books will become readable on the ground. Identify the shade named Suelto, advocating genocide, and eliminate it with any spell or weapon. Ensure the other shades remain unscathed, and the challenge is surmounted.

On the journey through Baldur’s Gate 3’s Wyrmway, players encounter puzzling challenges crafted by Balduran. Overcoming the Chamber of Courage demands tactical combat, while the Chamber of Justice necessitates decisions on a thief’s fate. The Chamber of Strategy, analogous to chess, requires checkmating the black king in two moves, and the Chamber of Insight involves identifying harmful ideologies. Successfully navigating these trials opens the path to the ancient dragon, rewarding players with the legendary Helm of Balduran.