How To Unlock Omni Man in Mortal Kombat 1 A guide on Unlocking Omni Man in Mortal Kombat 1

Fans of the Invincible series can now bring their favourite crazed supervillain into the intense battles of Mortal Kombat. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to unlock Omni-Man, along with some essential tips on playing this powerful character.

Credits – Neowin

Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios, the masterminds behind Mortal Kombat 1, delighted fans with the announcement of new characters. Six primary fighters and five Kameo fighters were revealed to be part of the Kombat Pack. Among them, Homelander, Peacemaker, and Omni-Man take center stage. These characters will be released gradually over the coming months, injecting fresh excitement into the Mortal Kombat universe.

Omni-Man, the Viltrumite powerhouse, leads the pack. His entry into Mortal Kombat 1 follows scheduled downtime, promising players an adrenaline-packed experience. For those eager to get their hands on this formidable character, here’s the breakdown of when and how Omni-Man becomes available.

When to Expect Omni-Man

As of now, Omni-Man is already within reach for those who own the Kombat DLC pack. The announcement was made at approximately 8:30 pm GMT on Thursday, November 9th, as confirmed through social media posts. Looking ahead, Omni-Man will be available for individual purchase starting from November 16, 2023. Until then, enthusiasts can find him exclusively in the DLC pack.

For those unfamiliar with Omni-Man, this character is adapted from Robert Kirkman’s Invincible comic book, brought to life on Amazon Prime Video. Voiced by JK Simmons, Omni-Man’s fighting style in Mortal Kombat 1 mirrors the animated show, complete with brutal fatalities. Expect gruesome scenes, like the train fatality where Omni-Man lifts an opponent as a train ruthlessly passes through them.

In terms of gameplay, Omni-Man relies on a combination of strength and speed to dominate opponents. Tremor also joins the fray as a Kameo fighter, providing valuable support when needed.

Unlocking Omni-Man

Now, the burning question, How do you unlock Omni-Man in Mortal Kombat 1? The Kombat DLC pack is how, priced at £34.99. This pack not only grants access to Omni-Man but also includes Peacemaker (John Cena), Homelander (Antony Starr), and Mortal Kombat favorites – Quan Chi, Ermac, and Takeda.

Alternatively, players can opt for the Mortal Kombat 1 Premium Edition, retailing at £89.99, which already includes the Kombat Pack. If you’ve already invested in the Premium Edition, rest easy, as Omni-Man is part of the package. For those considering a standalone purchase, Omni-Man will be available at an estimated cost between £8 to £11.

Omni-Man’s Gameplay

Now that you have Omni-Man at your disposal, let’s dive into mastering his gameplay in Mortal Kombat 1. To become a formidable Omni-Man player, understanding the intricacies of his moves, particularly his special moves, is crucial. Omni-Man’s basic strings are potent and serve as excellent starters for canceling into special moves. Among his arsenal, the Viltrumite Stance stands out, allowing him to execute four different attacks with single inputs.

Here are some additional tips to help you navigate Omni-Man’s abilities in Mortal Kombat 1:

  1. Utilize Viltrumite Stance (FP): This move is the fastest and serves as an excellent combo extender. Follow it up with a Forward-Dash to continue the onslaught.
  2. Aerial Domination with Invincible Rush: Execute Invincible Rush while airborne to bounce the enemy off the ground, providing an opportunity for juggling.
  3. Map Control with Side-Switching Moves: Omni-Man can switch sides on the map using various moves, enhancing his offensive capabilities. Use this to confuse and punish opponents.
  4. High Damage with Spilled Kontents: For a quick burst of damage, employ Spilled Kontents, a single string move that deals over 200 damage.

In Mortal Kombat 1, Omni-Man shines as one of the premier rush-down fighters. To harness his full potential, maintain a consistently aggressive playstyle, keeping your opponents on the defensive.