How To Respec in Lords of the Fallen A guide on Respecification in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen offers players the exciting opportunity to revamp their character builds whenever the itch to try something new strikes. The world of character building in this game is vast and can feel a bit overwhelming, especially as you stumble upon powerful weapons and magical abilities. In this guide, we will break down the steps to respec your character in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way.

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What is Respec?

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s clarify what “respec” means in the world of Lords of the Fallen. Respec is short for “respecification,” and it allows you to redistribute your character’s attribute points. These points determine your character’s proficiency with different types of gear and abilities, making respec a valuable tool for changing your playstyle.

Respecing in Lords of the Fallen

The first thing you’ll need is access to the Skyrest Bridge, the primary hub area in the game. However, reaching this hub isn’t something you can do right away. You’ll first have to overcome the challenges of an infested village and face off against Pieta, the initial boss in Lords of the Fallen. Pieta might seem formidable at first, but with some careful dodging or parrying, you’ll be able to defeat her.

Once you’ve vanquished Pieta, you’ll gain access to the Skyrest Bridge. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Pieta once more, but this time she’s on your side. She plays a vital role in your respec journey by upgrading your Sanguinatrix and allowing you to reset your character’s attribute points. There is, however, a catch.

The Price of Respec

To respec your character, you must purchase a Rebirth Chrysalis from another vendor on the Skyrest Bridge named Molhu. Molhu isn’t hidden away; he can be found when you are in the Umbral Realm. From the Skyrest Bridge Vestige, transition between the realms and ascend the staircase closest to Pieta to locate Molhu. Besides Rebirth Chrysalis, Molhu also sells a variety of other Umbral items, including equipment that lets you use Umbral magic.

With the Rebirth Chrysalis in hand, return to Pieta to initiate the respec process. Keep in mind that each Rebirth Chrysalis can only be used once for respeccing. If you wish to respec again in the future, you’ll need to obtain additional Rebirth Chrysalises from Molhu. The only drawback here is that a single Rebirth Chrysalis comes with a steep price of 8,000 Vigor.

Farming Vigor

While 8,000 Vigor may seem like a hefty sum, especially in the early stages of the game, there is a way to earn it efficiently. For those looking to replenish their Vigor reserves, you can make a stop at Pilgrim’s Perch. Start by teleporting to the Vestige of Blind Agatha in the Bellroom, where you’ll encounter Ardent Penitents. These enemies are recognizable by their distinct cylindrical helmets.

Here’s a nifty trick: you can lure the Ardent Penitents to charge off the ledge outside the cave, resulting in instant kills. In return, you’ll be rewarded with around 600 Vigor for only a few seconds of effort. This spot is perfect for those who want to accumulate Vigor rapidly and prepare for future respec sessions.

In Lords of the Fallen, respeccing your character is a game-changing feature that allows you to experiment with different builds and playstyles. To respec, you’ll need to reach the Skyrest Bridge, meet Pieta, and purchase Rebirth Chrysalises from Molhu, although they do come with a significant cost. If you’re in need of Vigor, you can always visit the farming spot in Pilgrim’s Perch to quickly replenish your resources.