How To Get Dark Crusader Class in Lords of the Fallen A guide on Getting Dark Crusader Class in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG game with similarities to the Souls series, where players engage in epic battles against dark forces in the grim and mystical world of Mournstead. One intriguing aspect of this game is the choice of starting classes, and today, we’ll explore the Dark Crusader class, shedding light on how to unlock it and what it offers to players.

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You might have glimpsed the formidable Dark Crusader in the game’s promotional material. This class is one of the ten starting classes, excluding three secret unlockable classes hidden within the game. In the game’s lore, the Dark Crusaders are portrayed as an elite military order, known for their strength and valor.

Dark Crusader Class

The Dark Crusader is a class that focuses on strength, much like a Paladin, and specializes in using long swords and Radiance. It’s the ideal choice for players who prefer a robust and durable character. Here’s a closer look at what the Dark Crusader class offers:

Weapons: The primary weapon for Dark Crusaders is Paladin Isaac’s Sword, a formidable long sword that once belonged to the Paladin Isaac. Additionally, they can use Radiantburst Parchment, which is a parchment adorned with sacred scriptures. When thrown, it explodes upon impact, dealing holy damage and even healing allies. This powerful ammunition costs 3 units and boasts an attack power of 115. Dark Crusaders also come equipped with a Throwing Hand, enabling them to use ranged and throwable items effectively.

Armor: The Dark Crusader’s armor consists of Heavy Paladin gear designed to enhance Radiance and provide solid protection. It comprises the Paladin Leggings, Paladin Armor for the torso, Paladin Gauntlets for the arms, Helm of the Paladin for the head, and the Paladin’s Pendant, which enhances Strength and Endurance attributes.

Quick-Access Items: Dark Crusaders have access to the Umbral Lamp, which allows them to travel between the realms of the living (Axiom) and the dead (Umbral) and to resurrect upon death. Additionally, they possess Sanguinarix, an upgradeable item that administers Pieta’s healing blood, effectively acting as the primary health-restoring method. Furthermore, they begin their journey with the Lampbearer’s Rosary, a gift from Exacter Dunmire of the Dark Crusaders.

Unlocking the Dark Crusader Class

The process of unlocking the Dark Crusader class depends on the edition of Lords of the Fallen you own:

Deluxe Edition: Players who purchase the Deluxe Edition of Lords of the Fallen can immediately access the Dark Crusader class, making it the quickest route to unlock this formidable class.

Standard Edition: For players with the standard edition, unlocking the Dark Crusader class is still possible, but it occurs as a late-game achievement. In fact, all players can find gear and spells associated with the starting classes throughout the game. However, the developers have clarified that some classes can be unlocked earlier than others.

To unlock the Dark Crusader class in-game with the standard edition, you need to complete Lords of the Fallen during your first playthrough. This late-game activity involves completing a series of steps related to the Isaac story quest line and acquiring specific key items. These items include the Flayed Skin and four Umbral Stigmas, which are essential to collect the complete Dark Crusader armor set.

It’s important to note that some players may opt to begin their Soulslike experience with a different class and unlock the Dark Crusader later in the game, especially if they plan to replay the game. However, starting as a Dark Crusader offers certain advantages that newer players to Soulslike games might appreciate. These advantages include higher Vitality for better survival and a long sword for maintaining distance, along with the added benefit of sturdy, tank-like armor.