How To Play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck A guide on Playing Diablo 4 on Steam Deck

Diablo 4 has ignited the gaming community with its highly anticipated action RPG experience, and Steam Deck users are eager to explore the depths of this dungeon crawling masterpiece. While the game is readily available on the Steam Store, some users prefer to run it through the Battlenet service. Fear not! This guide unveils the seamless process of getting Diablo 4 to run on your Steam Deck, unlocking a world of immersive gameplay without the hassle of purchasing it directly from the Steam Store.

Credits – Overkill

Installing Battle Net:

For Battlenet users, the path to unleashing Diablo 4 on the Steam Deck is straightforward. First, ensure your Steam Deck has ample battery or is plugged into a power source. Switch to Desktop Mode, connect a keyboard and mouse if desired, and launch your browser. Download the Easy Installer from Moraroy’s Github page, making the installation process a breeze.

  1. Navigate to Desktop Mode: Press the Steam Button below the left trackpad, then select Power and Switch to Desktop Mode.
  2. Download Easy Installer: Visit Moraroy’s Github page and download the Source code (zip) under Assets. Extract the files into your preferred folder.
  3. Execute NonSteam Launchers: Open the NonSteam Launchers On Steam Deck folder, click on NonSteamLaunchers.desktop, and select Execute and Continue. Ensure Separate App IDs is selected.
  4. Choose in the List: Tick in the list of launchers and click OK. After installation, your Steam Deck will restart into Big Picture Mode.

Setting Up Battle Net:

Once you’ve installed Battlenet, follow these steps to seamlessly integrate it with your Steam Deck for an optimal gaming experience.

  1. Switch to Gaming Mode: Switch to Gaming Mode and access your Library.
  2. Locate Find under the Non-Steam category.
  3. Configure Gamepad with Mouse Trackpad: Before hitting Play, select the controller icon and utilize the Gamepad with Mouse Trackpad.
  4. Adjust Compatibility Settings: Access Properties and highlight Compatibility. Tick Force the use of specific Steam Play compatibility and choose the latest version of Proton.
  5. Sign In to Sign in with your credentials or create a Free Account.

Playing Diablo 4:

Now that your Battlenet is set up, you’re ready to embark on your Diablo 4 adventure. Follow these steps to purchase, download, and enjoy the game on your Steam Deck.

  1. Purchase and Download Diablo 4: Visit the store, purchase Diablo 4, and download it.
  2. Customize Installation Options: During installation, tick Create Desktop Shortcut for the flexibility to play in Desktop Mode. Select Base Game, but untick High-Resolution Assets to save space without compromising your Steam Deck’s performance.
  3. Launch and Enjoy: Once Diablo 4 is installed, revel in the gaming experience on your Steam Deck. This method works seamlessly for other games purchased via

Recommended Settings:

While Diablo 4 is also available directly from Steam and works smoothly, optimizing your settings can enhance the gaming experience. Follow these recommendations:

  1. Graphics Settings: Opt for Medium settings for an optimal balance of performance and visual appeal.
  2. FSR Settings: Turn off all FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) settings for a streamlined gaming experience.
  3. FPS Cap: Cap the FPS to 40 to ensure a stable and enjoyable gameplay experience on your Steam Deck.

Although initially, Battlenet was the gateway, the game is now conveniently accessible on the Steam Store, verified and ready to roll. Whether opting for Battlenet or Steam, the experience on Steam Deck is seamless, offering fans an immersive journey without tedious setup. Installing Battlenet is a breeze with Moraroy’s user-friendly Github installer. Follow the guide, switch modes, tweak settings, and you’re set. Don’t forget the lucrative in-game areas! With recommended settings, your Diablo 4 adventure on the Steam Deck is optimized for a smooth, enjoyable ride through the thrilling world of this award winning action RPG.