How to Open Garage Door Manually

It might be quite useful to know how to manually open a garage door, especially in an emergency or during a power outage. Although automatic garage door openers are more convenient, being able to manually open your garage door guarantees that you can go in and out of your garage even in the event of a power outage. We’ll walk you through the steps of manually opening a garage door in this guide.

Find the Emergency Release Cable

Finding the emergency release cable is the first step in manually opening your garage door. Usually red in colour, this cord is suspended from the garage door opener. It functions as an automatic system manual override.

Pull Down the Emergency Release Cord

After locating it, pull down the emergency release cord. By disengaging the trolley from the garage door carriage’s attachment point, you can manually control the door.

Manually Lift the Garage Door

Your garage door is now independent of the automated opener when you pull down the emergency release cable. If the door has a handle, you can use it to physically raise it by gripping it or by placing your hands on the bottom edge. Avoid pushing the door if it feels too heavy and raise it steadily instead.

Lock the Door in the Open Position

To keep the garage door from suddenly closing, you must lock it in place after it is fully open. A solid object, like a block of wood, may need to be placed in the door’s track to keep it open. Some doors feature a locking mechanism.

Close the Garage Door Manually

Just go back the other way when it’s time to shut the garage door. Release the emergency release cord as you slowly lower the door. After the door has been closed, pull the emergency release wire up and towards the motor to re-engage the automatic opener.

Test the Automatic Opener

To make sure the automatic opener is operating properly, test it after manually opening and closing the garage door. To operate the door automatically, press the button on the remote control or use the control that is located on the wall. The door should glide easily and the opener should re-engage with the carriage.

Frequent Maintenance

Keep up with routine maintenance to guarantee efficient operation of your garage door. Check for wear or damage on the door and lubricate the tracks, rollers and hinges. Maintaining the condition of your garage door can help you avoid having to operate it manually frequently.


In conclusion, being how to manually open your garage door is a useful ability that can come in helpful in an emergency or during a power outage. When necessary, you can securely and effectively operate your garage door manually by following these easy instructions. Your garage door system will function at its best for both manual and automatic operations if you give it regular maintenance.