How To Get Shiny Mega Glalie in Pokemon GO A guide on Getting Shiny Mega Glalie in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO trainers seek to find the rarest and most powerful creatures to either dominate any battle or complete their pokedexes. Shiny Pokemon, with their unique colors, are the pinnacle of such goals. Among them, the formidable Shiny Mega Glalie stands out as a sought-after treasure. This guide unveils the strategies to obtain this elusive creature, whether through intense raids or the thrill of capturing and evolving a Shiny Snorunt.

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Before beginning the journey to acquire Shiny Mega Glalie, trainers must first find a Shiny Glalie. There are diverse avenues for obtaining this precious Pokemon. One can opt to evolve a Shiny Snorunt, found in the wild, or engage in thrilling raids where Shiny Glalie might reveal itself.

Getting a Shiny Snorunt in the Wild

The wild holds the key to encountering a Shiny Snorunt, a prerequisite for the coveted Shiny Mega Glalie. Boost your chances by seeking out Snorunt during Pokemon GO events that elevate its spawn rate. Utilize in-game items such as Incense, Lure Modules, and the Weather Boost to stack the odds in your favor.

For those snowy encounters, where Snorunt enjoys a Weather Boost, identify a PokeStop or Gym in snowy conditions. Apply a Lure Module, activate Incense, and traverse around the designated area. The combination of these items amplifies the spawn rate, offering more opportunities to encounter Snorunt and inch closer to the Shiny variant.

Getting a Shiny Glalie through Raids

Alternatively, Shiny Glalie can be won through Mega Glalie raids. These intense battles, however, demand a collaborative effort. Attempting a Mega raid solo is not advised; instead, form a formidable team to enhance your chances of victory.

Mega Glalie, with a formidable CP of 3651, is a powerhouse. To triumph against such a foe, meticulous planning is essential. Familiarize yourself with Mega Glalie’s strengths and weaknesses, and construct a battle roster that aligns with its vulnerabilities. Pick counters that exploit weaknesses and, if possible, possess moves with the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) effect for bonus damage.

Mega Glalie’s Weaknesses and Resistances

Knowing the ins and outs of Mega Glalie’s weaknesses and resistances is pivotal for success in raids. The table below outlines key information to guide your selection of Pokemon and moves for optimal effectiveness:


  • Fighting-type Moves
  • Fire-type Moves
  • Rock-type Moves
  • Steel-type Moves


Armed with this knowledge, trainers can assemble a potent team, including Pokemon like Mega Blaziken, Mega Y Charizard, Shadow Metagross, and others, each with strategically chosen moves.

Mega Evolution

With a Shiny Glalie in your possession, the next step is to unlock its full potential through Mega Evolution. Assuming you have captured a Shiny Snorunt, the evolution process begins. Shiny Snorunt can evolve into two distinct creatures: Shiny Froslass or Shiny Glalie.

For trainers desiring a Shiny Mega Glalie, the focus is on evolving a Shiny Snorunt into a Shiny Glalie. The evolution requires 100 Candy, a manageable feat achievable by catching and transferring multiple Snorunt in the game.

Upon obtaining a Shiny Glalie, the path to Shiny Mega Glalie opens up. The initial cost for Mega Evolution stands at 200 Mega Energy, gradually decreasing to 40 Mega Energy for subsequent Mega Evolutions. Acquire the necessary Mega Energy by conquering Mega Glalie raids, completing specific Research quests, or engaging in daily tasks with Glalie’s evolutionary line as your Buddy Pokemon.

From capturing a Shiny Snorunt to mastering Mega Glalie raids and finally achieving Mega Evolution. With careful planning, collaboration, and strategic use of in-game items, trainers can add this powerful and dazzling Pokemon to their collection.