How To Defeat Grym in Baldur’s Gate 3 A guide on Defeating Grym in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, The Adamantine Forge provides a challenging adventure through the Underdark, presenting players with the formidable challenge of defeating Grym, an adamantine golem guarding the Adamantine Forge in Grymforge. Grym, a rather overwhelming foe with 300 hit points, proves resistant to most damage types, making a win seem hard to achieve. However, with strategic planning and a few key tactics, players can conquer this daunting boss battle and reap the rewards that follow.

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Preparing for the Fight

Before plunging into the intense battle with Grym, players must understand the unique features of the encounter. The Adamantine Forge in Grymforge presents a perilous environment, with magma flooding the lower parts once the lava valve is turned. Safe zones include four circular areas, short walkways extending from each circle, the mold chamber, and the crucible. Players should beware that stepping into the magma inflicts significant fire damage.

Grym, the adamantine golem, is easily provoked. It automatically targets the last creature to attack it, regardless of damage dealt, advancing towards the offender, attacking if in proximity, and unleashing Quake as a bonus action each round. Leveraging this provocational weakness is crucial to success.

To set the stage for victory, ungroup the party and position members in each of the four circles. Place a party member near the forge lever, ensuring readiness for action. Buffs and potions should be employed before activating the lava valve.

Grym Hammer Strategy

In the heat of battle, players must pursue two primary goals. Firstly, Grym must consistently traverse magma to maintain its superheated condition, rendering it susceptible to damage. As the magma flow intermittently ceases, a character should stand next to the valve, ready to activate it and prolong the superheated state.

Secondly, players must lure Grym onto the crucible at the forge’s center. Triggering the forge lever causes a massive hammer blow to the crucible, dealing substantial damage to Grym. Just one leg in the hammer’s path is sufficient to diminish almost half of Grym’s hit points. Two well-placed hammer strikes can swiftly conclude the boss battle.

Beware, however, as four magma mephits materialize on the west side of the forge after the initial hammer strike. Although these mephits possess low health, their explosive demise inflicts fire damage on adjacent characters.

For a tactical advantage, consider utilizing the Spiritual Weapon spell. The summoned weapon remains impervious to magma and can provoke Grym, serving as a strategic tool to entice Grym onto the crucible. If positioned strategically, multiple characters on the inner side of each circle can trick Grym into the center, where it becomes susceptible to Quake attacks.

While the forge hammer provides an effective means to defeat Grym, some daring players may attempt an alternative approach. Grym is vulnerable to bludgeoning damage, taking twice the normal damage. A fighter or barbarian wielding a sizable hammer can significantly chip away at Grym’s hit points each round. Exercise caution, however, as precise timing and coordination are vital to keeping Grym stationary, enabling consistent superheating, and limiting attacks to frontline characters.

Successfully executing this alternative strategy grants players the special achievement “A Grym Fate.” The rewards for overcoming Grym include substantial experience points, the coveted Grymskull Helm (providing immunity to critical hits, resistance to fire damage, and access to Hunter’s Mark), and the opportunity to craft numerous adamantine weapons and armor.

The battle against Grym in Baldur’s Gate 3 requires a combination of strategic planning, precise execution, and adaptability. By understanding Grym’s vulnerabilities and leveraging environmental factors, players can tilt the odds in their favor. Whether opting for the forge hammer method or the more challenging alternative approach, the rewards are substantial, making the journey through Grymforge a memorable and gratifying experience.