How To Get League Medals in Clash of Clans A guide on Getting League Medals in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, a game that has kept players engaged for years, introduced a fresh and exciting feature in 2018: Clan War League. This new game mode brought a whole new dimension to the game, allowing players to not only test their base-building and attacking skills but also earn valuable in-game currency known as League Medals. In this guide, we’ll take you through the straightforward steps to earn League Medals in Clash of Clans quickly.

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Earning League Medals in Clash of Clans is easy, and you only need to meet two simple requirements. First, you must be part of a Clan, and second, you should be eligible for the Clan War League.

Once you’re in a Clan, if the Clan Leader selects you to participate, you can enter the War Leagues or Champion Leagues, depending on your Clan’s rank. It’s essential for the Clan Leader or co-Leader to sign up for the War Leagues within two days of the event’s start. A minimum of 15 players must participate, but it’s worth noting that all 50 Clan members can join the action. If you’re not on the roster, you won’t earn any League Medals.

Clan War League Basics

Clan War Leagues add a competitive edge to Clash of Clans. In regular War Leagues or Champion Leagues, your Clan will face off against seven other Clans within the same league. Each Clan gets to engage in one war for a duration of eight days, allowing every Clan to battle against each other at least once.

On the first day of the League, the Clan Leader chooses the roster and instructs members to prepare for war. Each player will have a single attack per day, but the loot rewards make up for the limitation.

When the War League concludes, Clans can either maintain their current status, get promoted to a higher league, or face demotion. The outcome depends on how your Clan performed compared to others in the same league. Accumulating more stars is the key to climbing the ranks, as excellent performance can lead to promotion to a more challenging league.

Earning League Medals

Earning League Medals is not complicated at all. Every player in your Clan’s War League roster will receive a share of League Medals once the competition ends. The number of Medals you earn depends on various factors, including your Clan’s overall performance, your individual performance, and any bonuses that may be awarded.

Even if you leave the Clan during the War League, you’re still eligible to receive the League Medals you’ve earned. In fact, you can even earn additional bonuses if your Clan Leader decides to reward you for your efforts.

The number of stars you earn during the league directly influences the number of League Medals you’ll receive. Achieving more than eight stars will grant you the maximum 100% of the rewards.

At the conclusion of the eight days of intense combat, the Clan Leader or co-Leaders can decide to reward certain players with extra League Medals. They have 21 days to make these decisions and must distribute all bonuses at once. To find out who receives these additional Medals, simply check your Clan chat.

League Medal Shop

Once you’ve accumulated enough League Medals, it’s time to head to the Home Village shop. There, you’ll find a special section where you can spend your hard-earned Medals. The League Medal Shop offers a variety of exciting items and resources, allowing you to enhance your Clash of Clans gaming experience.

In the League Medal Shop, you can purchase a wide range of items, including magical items, decorations, and builder potions. These items can significantly impact your in-game progress and strategy. For example, the Magic Hammer, which can be obtained using League Medals, allows you to instantly finish an ongoing upgrade in your village. This can save you a lot of time and resources.

Moreover, you can also buy resources like the Research Potion, which boosts your laboratory research speed for an hour, helping you unlock powerful troops and upgrades more quickly. If you’re looking to spruce up your village’s appearance, the League Medal Shop offers various decorations to make your village truly unique.