How To Beat Ahriman the Destroyer in Ghostrunner 2 A guide on Beating Ahriman the Destroyer in Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2 presents gamers with the daunting challenge of facing Ahriman the Destroyer, one of the game’s formidable foes. In this cyberpunk world, players step into the shoes of Jack, the hero tasked with safeguarding the Dharma Tower from a menacing AI cult. As the game unfolds, players encounter various enemies, including powerful bosses like Ahriman the Destroyer.

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Ahriman the Destroyer emerges as the initial boss fight in Ghostrunner 2 during the “Uninvited Guests” level. Armed with a colossal sword and extraordinary speed, Ahriman’s formidable presence makes this battle no walk in the park. The showdown unfolds in two distinct phases, each presenting its own set of challenges and strategies. Keep reading to delve into the details of Ahriman’s attacks and uncover the best strategies to conquer this formidable adversary in Ghostrunner 2.

Ahriman the Destroyer’s First Phase

Ahriman the Destroyer possesses a variety of deadly attacks, each requiring a distinct defensive strategy. In close quarters combat, he can choose to execute a downward slash, a move that generates two devastating shockwaves on either side of his blade upon impact. Alternatively, he may opt for a horizontal slash, which lacks additional effects but offers a longer reach. When engaged from a distance, Ahriman has the ability to leap into the air and create a devastating shockwave upon landing, covering a broad area in its wake.

To evade the sword slash attack in close quarters, you’ll need to exhibit quick reflexes and dodge the impending strike when Ahriman closes in. On the other hand, when confronted with a shockwave attack, your best bet is to leap over the shockwave to avoid sustaining damage. These fundamental defensive manoeuvres will prove invaluable during your duel with Ahriman.

Transition to Phase Two

As the battle progresses, you’ll begin to wear down Ahriman’s formidable defenses. Once you’ve inflicted a significant amount of damage on him, a cutscene will interrupt the action. In this scene, Ahriman hurls you into a void, where you’ll experience an unexpected twist. An ally named Bakunin will come to your rescue, turning the tide of the battle. When the cutscene concludes, you’ll find yourself within the battle arena, where you can navigate the environment by walking on walls while skillfully deflecting Shuriken projectiles. In addition, you’ll be able to use Bakunin’s jetpack as a Grapple point to avoid Ahriman’s deadly shockwave. It’s worth noting that Bakunin can also incapacitate Ahriman temporarily when you opt for the ‘Call for Help’ feature, providing you with a crucial advantage in the confrontation.

Ahriman the Destroyer boasts a lethal combination of aggressive attacks and remarkable agility, making this battle a test of both skill and strategy. To defeat him, it’s essential to maintain your focus and utilise the tactics outlined in this guide. With your newfound knowledge of Ahriman’s attacks and the strategies to counter them, you’ll be better equipped to emerge victorious in Ghostrunner 2.

Additional Tips to Defeat Ahriman the Destroyer

  1. Stay Aggressive: In the initial phase, seize the opportunity to unleash an offensive barrage. Ahriman’s movements are relatively limited, making it an ideal time to deal significant damage.
  2. Dodge Quickly: Ahriman’s speed is nothing to underestimate. Prepare to dodge his lethal sword strikes and stay agile to avoid getting hit.
  3. Adapt to Phases: Recognize the transition between phases and adjust your approach accordingly. Each phase presents unique challenges, and adapting to these changes is essential for success.
  4. Call for Bakunin’s Help: Make the most of Bakunin’s assistance during the battle. His jetpack and ‘Call for Help’ ability can be game-changers, helping you evade attacks and stun Ahriman when needed.