PhonePe Rolls Out Credit Feature On App To Help Users Manage Credit Cards

In a notable stride towards comprehensive financial services, PhonePe, the digital payments app under Walmart’s umbrella, has recently introduced a game-changing feature – ‘Credit.’ This addition is more than just a new tool; it signifies PhonePe’s commitment to financial inclusivity and user education. In this article, we will look into the features of the app and the potential impact it could have on the fintech industry.

Credits: Inc42

Delving into the ‘Credit’ Section:

Within the confines of its familiar interface, PhonePe introduces the ‘Credit’ section, a nuanced addition designed to transform how users manage their financial responsibilities. Beyond the convenience of handling credit cards, bills, and loans, users now have direct access to their credit bureau score, offering a comprehensive view of their credit health. Insights, such as credit utilization and payment history, add a layer of financial understanding.

Background and Market Dynamics:

Founded in December 2015, PhonePe has transcended its origins as a digital payments solution. In the competitive arena dominated by heavyweights like Paytm and Google Pay, PhonePe’s foray into diverse financial offerings has set it on a trajectory of becoming a notable fintech unicorn, navigating the complex tapestry of financial services.

The Expansive Financial Services Landscape:

PhonePe’s transition from a payment processor to a provider of full-service financial solutions has been characterized by deliberate growth. In addition to the ‘Credit’ feature, the platform has expanded into insurance and mutual funds, presenting itself as a comprehensive financial partner as opposed to a one-dimensional software.

CEO’s Vision Unveiled:

Hemant Gala, the Chief Executive at PhonePe Credit, articulates the ethos driving this latest initiative. According to Gala, “Financial empowerment starts with understanding and managing your credit health.” The ‘Credit’ feature, in his perspective, represents a significant stride towards arming users with the necessary knowledge to navigate the intricacies of their financial well-being.

Strategic Expansion and Recent Ventures:

Fresh off the success of a substantial $1 billion fundraising campaign in 2023, PhonePe is not resting on its laurels. The introduction of separate apps for e-commerce (Pincode) and investment tech (Share.Market) underscores the company’s commitment to diversifying its service offerings, making it more than just a payment app.

Achieving Milestones:

In a recent disclosure by Walmart’s Chief Financial Officer, David Rainey, PhonePe has achieved a Total Payment Value (TPV) of a staggering $1.3 trillion. This milestone is not merely a testament to the platform’s robust user base but also positions PhonePe on par with some of the leading fintech players in the highly competitive US market.

Looking Ahead – Consumer Loans and Beyond:

As PhonePe continues to chart its course, the ‘Credit’ feature is just a glimpse into its broader strategy. Plans to introduce consumer loans within the app indicate a proactive stance in catering to the diverse credit needs of its user base. The collaborative efforts with both banking and non-banking financial entities demonstrate a commitment to navigating this expansion within the regulatory framework.

The Ripple Effect:

Beyond the buzz surrounding the introduction of a new feature, the ‘Credit’ offering carries the potential to redefine how users engage with their financial lives. By facilitating easy access to credit information and providing insightful metrics, PhonePe is empowering individuals to approach their financial journeys with confidence.


PhonePe’s venture into the ‘Credit’ feature is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic move towards democratizing financial knowledge. As the platform evolves and solidifies its position in the market, its user-centric philosophy and dedication to financial inclusion set the stage for sustained growth in the dynamic realm of digital payments and financial services. The ‘Credit’ feature, in essence, represents PhonePe’s commitment to making financial empowerment a tangible reality for its diverse user base, navigating the complex waters of modern finance with user-friendly tools and comprehensive insights.