“None Of My Companies Will Ever Create a Crypto Token,” Asserts Elon Musk

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has made a resounding declaration that none of his companies will ever create a cryptocurrency token, marking a significant shift from his previous involvement in the crypto space. This choice was made in response to a recent event in which Musk was unjustly linked to a fraudulent cryptocurrency token called Xai Corp (XAI). Although many people may not have anticipated this development, it raises concerns about Musk’s changing views on cryptocurrencies and the effects of his activities on the market.

Credits: ZyCrypto

The Xai Corp Fiasco

The recent drama began when Musk announced that his artificial intelligence (AI) company, xAI, was set to debut its technology. In a tweet, Musk revealed that xAI would release its first AI to a select group. This venture into AI technology raised eyebrows, as it seemed to place xAI in competition with prominent players like OpenAI and Google. The team behind xAI boasted impressive backgrounds, with members hailing from renowned institutions and companies such as DeepMind, OpenAI, Google Research, Microsoft Research, Twitter, and Tesla. The company’s vision of a new AI tool, “TruthGPT,” aimed to challenge existing AI systems’ emphasis on being “politically correct.”

However, the association between Elon Musk and the XAI CORP token came about shortly after the token’s creation. Media outlets, including “InsideBitcoins,” began promoting the token with headlines predicting significant price increases, suggesting that it was driven by Musk’s tweet about xAI. This scenario prompted Musk to swiftly disassociate himself from the token, clearly stating that none of his companies would create a cryptocurrency token.

Elon Musk’s Changing Stance

This recent incident highlights a shift in Elon Musk’s stance on cryptocurrencies. In the past, Musk played a substantial role in influencing the prices of cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin through his tweets. Some crypto projects even adopted his name to capitalize on his massive following. However, Musk’s cautious approach has grown in response to concerns about the value and intent of many cryptocurrency projects, which are often perceived as attempts to exploit unsuspecting investors.

A lawsuit that Dogecoin investors filed against Musk in June served as further evidence of his caution. Musk was sued for allegedly engaging in insider trading and manipulating the market against investors, which caused them to suffer large financial losses. Allegations included the employment of paid online influencers, Twitter tweets, and publicity strategies to make money off of investors. Musk’s decision to disassociate himself from cryptocurrency tokens produced by his firms may have been motivated by this litigation.

Companies Involved

Tesla: While Tesla has not created its cryptocurrency token, it has been at the center of cryptocurrency discussions due to its announcement of accepting Bitcoin as payment for its electric vehicles. Musk’s decision could mean that Tesla will not venture further into the cryptocurrency space.

SpaceX: Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX has not been directly involved in cryptocurrencies, but this decision could indicate a broader strategy of distancing all of his ventures from cryptocurrency projects.

xAI: Musk’s AI company, xAI, was at the center of the recent Xai Corp (XAI) controversy. Musk’s declaration will likely have a direct impact on the AI startup’s future involvement with cryptocurrencies, if any.

Possible Impact

Musk’s unequivocal statement that his companies will never create cryptocurrency tokens will likely have far-reaching consequences. Here are some possible impacts of this decision:

Crypto Market Reactions: The cryptocurrency market, which often responds to Musk’s tweets and statements, may experience a shift in sentiment and volatility as Musk distances himself from crypto tokens. Prices of tokens associated with Musk’s companies may experience fluctuations.

Regulatory Scrutiny: Musk’s previous involvement with cryptocurrencies drew the attention of regulators. This move could result in reduced scrutiny of his companies’ cryptocurrency-related activities.

Investor Confidence: Investors may gain more confidence in Musk’s companies as they perceive a commitment to distancing themselves from potentially risky or speculative cryptocurrency projects.

Innovation in AI: Musk’s focus on xAI and its AI tool, “TruthGPT,” may receive more attention without the distraction of cryptocurrency-related activities. This could lead to innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.


Elon Musk’s firm stance against his companies creating cryptocurrency tokens is a significant departure from his past involvement in the crypto space. This decision raises questions about his evolving perspective on cryptocurrencies and the impact of his actions on the crypto market.