How To Upgrade Weapons in Alan Wake 2 A guide on Upgrading Weapons in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 presents an immersive and thrilling narrative that spans two vastly different realities. Despite the increased complexity, the story remains coherent and captivating. In this game, players take on the role of FBI Agent Saga Anderson, who has been dispatched to the small lakeside town of Bright Falls to investigate a series of ritualistic murders. This article will guide you through the process of upgrading weapons in Alan Wake 2, making it easier for players to combat the forces of darkness and solve the mystery of the gruesome cult killings.

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Alan Wake 2 continues the story of the original game, picking up 13 years after the events that unfolded in Bright Falls. The titular writer, Alan Wake, is joined by a new protagonist, FBI Agent Saga Anderson. Together, they must confront the forces of darkness and solve the mystery of the gruesome cult killings that plague the town.

Unlike its predecessor, which leaned towards action-adventure, Alan Wake 2 embraces a full-on survival-horror experience. This shift in genre brings a wholly new weapon upgrading system to the game, reminiscent of titles like Resident Evil. While the first game featured various weapons, none were upgradable, and players often had their items and ammo reset between episodes. In contrast, Alan Wake 2 offers players the opportunity to enhance their arsenal by accessing a specific area and collecting a specific resource.

Upgrade Saga’s Weapons in Alan Wake 2

To upgrade Saga Anderson’s weapons in Alan Wake 2, players need to access her “mind place.” This location becomes accessible early in the game, specifically in the chapter titled “Return 1: Invitation.” Once inside, players will find various items that can be interacted with, such as the case board and profiling desk.

If you explore along the far wall, you will discover a wine bar and a desk. On top of the desk, you will find a pistol magazine manual. Interacting with this manual will bring up a menu displaying the available upgrades for Saga’s pistol.

All upgrades are technically accessible from the beginning, but players must pay for them using a specific resource found throughout the game’s various locations and maps. To obtain these resources, players will need to search for and collect scattered manuscript fragments, which are hidden in “Alex Casey’s lunchboxes” scattered throughout the game. These lunchboxes are often tucked away in nooks and crannies, but some are relatively easy to spot.

Upgrading Saga’s Sidearm

In Alan Wake 2, players have three upgrade options for Saga’s sidearm:

  1. Again And Again – This upgrade enables an auto-fire mode when the fire button is held down. To unlock this upgrade, you’ll need 18 manuscript fragments.
  2. More Bullets – This upgrade increases the pistol’s capacity by 50%. To acquire this upgrade, you’ll need 12 manuscript fragments.
  3. Another Headshot – This upgrade extends the stun duration against enemies if you manage to score two quick headshots in a row. To unlock this upgrade, you’ll also need 12 manuscript fragments.

Redeeming Upgrades

Once you have collected enough manuscript fragments, you can return to Saga’s “mind place” at almost any point in the game to redeem them for the above-mentioned upgrades. By doing so, you’ll empower Saga Anderson, granting her an edge in combating the menacing foes of Alan Wake 2 as she continues her investigation.

Upgrading Saga’s weapons in Alan Wake 2 is an essential step for players looking to enhance their abilities and confront the dark forces that threaten Bright Falls. By exploring her “mind place,” collecting manuscript fragments, and making wise upgrade choices, you can equip Saga with the tools she needs to solve the mystery of the gruesome cult killings and navigate the horrors of this survival-horror adventure. With these enhancements, players can better enjoy the immersive and terrifying world of Alan Wake 2 while progressing through the game’s thrilling narrative.