How To Unlock Void Fiend Risk of Rain 2 A guide on Unlocking Void Fiend Risk of Rain 2

The sole way to access the Void Fiend is by playing as the Railgunner and defeating the final boss. First, you need to unlock the Railgunner on your profile. Once achieved, take her through the entire game, survive hordes of enemies using her sniper rifle, and reach the final boss through the purple portal.

Credits – Gameranx

To unlock the Void Fiend, you have two options:

  1. Survive wave 50 in the Simulacrum.
  2. Beat the new end-game boss and escape the planetarium.

Let’s delve into the details of both methods.

Unlock the Void Fiend by Beating the Boss:

This might be the trickier option, especially for those accustomed to playing as Engineers. The end-game boss has multiple phases, and mobility is crucial.

In the first phase, you’ll face various attacks, including a powerful death laser. Dodge this at all costs. While most attacks pose a threat, you can seek refuge behind obstacles to evade 90% of the Voidlings’ assaults. Once you grasp the attack patterns, the fight becomes more manageable.

During the second phase, the Voidling opens a portal, and you must chase it through. Constant damage ensues, but entering the portal and navigating a minor platforming phase is the only way to halt the damage. Stay calm and reach the end; failing to do so results in fatal tick damage. Repeat this process two more times, and you will successfully defeat the Voidling, allowing you to exit the area and conclude the game.

How to Reach the Final Boss:

Knowing how to defeat the final boss is one thing, but reaching them is another challenge. You need to find a void portal. Here are the known ways to locate one:

  1. Randomly spawning at a teleporter – similar chance as a blue portal.
  2. Using Newt’s Portals in Bazaar Between Worlds.
  3. Going through the Null Fields below the Bazaar Between Worlds.
  4. Offering 12 lunar coins to the Frog at the end of Mithrix.

These are the established methods to find a void portal and access the final boss to unlock the Void Fiend.

Unlocking Void Fiend by Using Simulacrum:

The Simulacrum, a new game mode in Risk of Rain 2, is the alternative way to unlock the Void Fiend. Surviving wave 50 in this mode is the key, and it’s no walk in the park.

If you’ve experienced the void fields in Risk of Rain 2, the Simulacrum will feel familiar. You must survive in a small area of effect (AOE), and leaving it causes tick damage. With new items granted every wave, including uncommon and legendary items at specific intervals, reaching wave 50 is a formidable challenge.

Here are some tips to conquer the Simulacrum:

  1. Engineer is efficient – makes the best use of items.
  2. Guillotine is crucial for later rounds, as they consist mainly of elite enemies.
  3. Medkit is potent; taking damage and letting it heal is a strategic way to maintain full HP.
  4. AOE items excel in this mode.
  5. Leaving the AOE to collect items is worthwhile, as long as you return in time.

Unlocking the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2 involves overcoming challenges, whether by defeating the end-game boss or surviving the Simulacrum waves. Armed with this guide, you’re ready to embark on the journey and add the Void Fiend to your roster. Good luck!