How to Start a Small Public Library

Reading books can be really addictive. Collecting knowledge just by reading books is a very effective way. If you want to set up a small public library so that people can also get knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. Giving knowledge to someone is one of the best things someone can give. And a public library is the best example. Setting up a library is not an easy job to do, but in this article, you’ll get to learn about the ways how you can set up a library.

Choose A Location:

Small Public Library


Choosing a good location to set up your library can be difficult. Buy or rent a property located in a place with lots of foot traffic. The library should not be set up in a busy zone with vehicular traffic. Instead, find a place where many people walk by. The library should be highly visible to anyone nearby, and the property should be big enough for the bookshelves to settle. Don’t try to set up your library in any illegal way, and make sure to follow all the laws and rules and know if your library is compatible with local zoning laws.

Decide The Structure:

After deciding the location to set up your library, it’s time to decide about the interior. You can keep the inside of the library traditional, just like most libraries. But it’s totally up to you if you want to do something different with style. Just make sure that the surroundings should be compatible for the people to concentrate on their studies. Set up all the bookshelves and organize all the books correctly in sections so that they can be reachable for someone who needs a specific book in a specific section.

Gather Collection Of Books:

Small Public Library


Without books, a library is like a human without a heart. To buy books for your library, contact a book dealer or find books from book markets. Books can also be bought online. There are many online libraries that sell their books to customers; find a trusted seller and contact them for the books you need. Specify what types of books you need in your library. If you want to start a library only for science, look for those books only, but if you also want to add books of poetry, history, or any other field, specify the bookseller, or else they cannot do their work correctly.

Hire Employees:

If it’s a stall of a free exchange book library, only one person is enough to manage the library. All they have to do is keep the library clean and set up the ambiance. But if the library is bigger than a stall, hire more employees because, in bigger libraries, it’s common for readers not to be able to find books; that’s why the employees can help them. Many employees at once can also make the cleaning and managing task easier.

Add Amenities:

Small Public Library


If, after some time of running a successful library, you have a good budget, you can invest them in adding amenities. You can add a WiFi connection and a few computers for those without internet access. You can add newspapers, articles, magazines, audiobooks, etc., to your library.

Have Safety Measures:

You cannot open a library and not worry about fire hazards. You must consider safety because you cannot blame anyone if something happens. Install CCTV cameras, have some fire extinguishers, and a fire inspection software to be notified at the time of the fire. Instead of the old stamp method, start tracking with computers because it’s more efficient.