How To Sneak up on a Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet A guide on Sneaking up on a Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Sneaking up on Pokemon in the vast world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Indigo Disk can be a tricky business, but fear not, aspiring trainers! Mastering the art of stealth is key to surprising Pokemon and initiating epic battles. In this guide, we’ll break down the steps to successfully sneak up on Pokemon, ensuring your journey through the Terarium is filled with excitement and victories.

Credits – NerdStash

Entering Stealth Mode

As you embark on your adventure, the ability to sneak up on Pokemon becomes available surprisingly early in the game. Approximately 30 minutes in, around the time Nemona imparts her wisdom on capturing Pokemon, you’ll learn the basics of stealth. Pressing the ‘B’ button allows your character to crouch and enter stealth mode. The beauty of it? No need to hold down the button – a simple press, and you’re ready to sneak. To stand back up, press ‘B’ once again.

Choosing Your Targets Wisely

Before attempting a sneak attack, you must identify a suitable area filled with Pokemon you believe you can approach undetected. Keep in mind that lower-level Pokemon are generally easier to sneak up on, while evolved Pokemon tend to be more vigilant. Once you’re in stealth mode, your character will move quietly with bent knees, and the screen will darken slightly. Avoid running, using your legendary vehicle, or pressing ‘B’ again to maintain your stealthy approach.

Preparing Your Poke Ball

Now that you’re in position, it’s time to prepare your Poke Ball. Crouch-walking into a Pokemon won’t cut it; it alerts them and ruins the element of surprise. Instead, while crouched, press the left trigger on your Joy-Con. This action focuses your attention on the Pokemon, as its name appears. Make sure the Pokemon you’re targeting isn’t looking in your direction.

Executing the Sneak Attack

With your Poke Ball ready and aimed at the unsuspecting Pokemon, it’s time to throw it. Press the right trigger, and if successful, a battle will immediately commence. The completion of the BP challenge hinges on the battle’s initiation. If it doesn’t complete, don’t be disheartened; sneaking up on Pokemon is a bit finicky, so be prepared to try again. Alternatively, for a guaranteed sneak attack, target a sleeping Pokemon and toss a Poke Ball their way.

Utilizing Stealth for More Than Just Sneaking

The advantages of stealth go beyond mere sneak attacks. By using ZL (left trigger), you can lock onto Pokemon and assess their levels. While locked on, press ZR (right trigger) to toss a ball and initiate a battle. The left screenshot in the gallery above showcases a successful sneak-lock-toss, resulting in a captured Pokemon. In contrast, the second screenshot illustrates a situation where the Pokemon detected the trainer, and the Diglett dove underground to escape.

An additional perk of utilizing stealth is the ability to catch Pokemon off guard, giving you the upper hand in combat. Just like knocking Pokemon out of trees, mastering the art of the stealth crouch can make battles with skittish Pokemon more manageable.

Mastering the art of stealth in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a valuable skill that opens up new possibilities for battles and encounters. By following these simple steps, you can enhance your sneaking abilities and become a true Pokemon master. So, venture into the world of Indigo Disk, dive into the shadows, and surprise Pokemon with your newfound stealth skills.