How to Share Someone’s Story on Instagram to My Story Without Being Tagged

Instagram is a social networking site where users may share events, stories, and experiences with their followers. Sharing another user’s narrative on one’s own tale is a tool that many users find helpful. But occasionally, you might want to tell a story without giving credit to the original poster. We’ll look at how to share someone else’s Instagram story to your own without tagging them in this post.

Take a Screenshot or Screen Recording

Taking a screenshot or screen recording of the information is one technique to share someone’s narrative without giving them credit. Users are not notified by Instagram when their stories are taken in this way. Respecting the original content creator’s privacy and copyright is crucial, nevertheless.

How to Take Screenshots:

  • Launch the app for Instagram.
  • Navigate to the narrative you wish to tell.
  • Press the designated button on your smartphone to take a screenshot.

How to Record a Screen:

  • You can use the built-in screen recording features on various devices.
  • Launch the Instagram app, browse the story, and begin filming.

Utilise a Third-Party App

A number of third-party apps enable users to share Instagram stories on other platforms without crediting the original creator. These applications, which are available on the Google Play Store or App Store, frequently offer extra capabilities like customisation.

Look for Apps for Reposting:

  • Seek out applications made especially for Instagram story sharing.
  • Examine reviews and select a reliable app that has received good comments.

Obey the app’s instructions:

  • Install and download the chosen app.
  • To repost the preferred Instagram story, adhere to the app’s instructions.

Send the story to your followers directly via Instagram Direct Messages

This is an additional way to share someone’s story without tagging them.

How to Direct Message a Narrative:

  • Launch the app for Instagram.
  • Navigate to the narrative you wish to tell.
  • To send the story as a direct message, tap the paper aeroplane icon.
  • After selecting the recipients, send the narrative.

Take note: Use caution when using this strategy because sending their tale as a direct message could result in notification to the original poster.

Personalise Your Story

You can edit the tale on your own profile prior to sharing it after taking a screenshot or utilising a third-party tool to capture the content.

How to Personalise:

  • You can add text, stickers, or drawings to Instagram using its built-in editing tools.
  • Share your opinions or give the shared story some context.

Conscientious Exchange:

  • Refrain from making any changes to the content that might come off as deceptive or disparaging to the original poster.


In conclusion, there are a number of ways to share someone else’s Instagram story to your own without tagging them. These include capturing screenshots, utilising third-party apps, sending the content over direct messaging, or altering the content on your own story. It’s crucial to keep in mind to utilise these techniques sensibly and to respect the original content creator’s rights and privacy. When using Instagram, always abide with the terms of service and community rules.