How to Send Stars on Monopoly Go

With innovative new features like Stars that up the ante on strategy and rivalry, Monopoly Go has brought the beloved board game to the digital age. Stars are a virtual currency that may be used to outmanoeuvre rivals and make calculated movements. We’ll explore the nuances of sending Stars in Monopoly Go in this article, arming you with the information you need to rule the virtual board.

Comprehending Stars in Monopoly Go

It’s critical to understand Stars’ role in the game before sending any of them. The main method of payment is stars, which players can use to upgrade properties, unleash special moves, and even target other players. Learn how to obtain Stars while playing the game, as successful accumulation requires strategy.

Getting Stars

You can get stars by doing a variety of in-game tasks, such passing Go, improving your properties, and finishing tasks successfully. You can make more potent moves the more Stars you gather. To obtain a competitive edge and continuously produce Stars, concentrate on optimising your gameplay.

Using Stars Wisely

In Monopoly Go, using stars wisely is equally as important as collecting them. Sort your moves according to importance and your long-term objectives. Stars must be used carefully and strategically for all purposes, including property upgrades, surprise attacks, and opponent defence.

Sending Stars to Other Players

Sending Stars to other players is one of Monopoly Go’s special features. This gives the game a more competitive and engaging aspect. Go to the in-game menu and find the “Transfer Stars” option to send Stars. Select the player you wish to send Stars to as well as the target. The dynamics may change, so be careful when and how you send stars in the game.

Receiving Stars and Defence

In the competitive realm of Monopoly Go, you have to pay close attention to both sending and receiving stars as well as keeping out incoming transfers. Keep an eye on the alerts you receive in-game to see if you’ve received any Stars. Create a defence plan by tactically deploying special manoeuvres or property upgrades to keep your assets safe from enemy attacks.

Strategic Alliances & Star Sharing

Joining forces with other players has the potential to drastically alter the game. To strategically share Stars with allies and take control of the board as a group, think about forming alliances. Using the in-game chat features to coordinate moves and maximise your impact is essential for creating these alliances.

Remaining Adaptive

The dynamics of the game Monopoly Go can change drastically very rapidly. Remain flexible and ready to modify your plan of action in response to the changing conditions of the game. Flexibility is essential for success in any situation, whether it be while forming new alliances, striking targets unexpectedly, or defending against adversaries.


In conclusion, it takes a combination of strategic preparation, flexibility, and good player-to-player communication to become an expert at sending Stars in Monopoly Go. You may conquer the virtual Monopoly world by realising the importance of Stars, gaining them tactically, and deploying them wisely. Accept the challenge, and may the stars always align with your wishes!