How to Remove Followers on Twitter- November 2023 Update

Keeping your online presence under control is essential in the always changing world of social media. One of the popular networks, Twitter, lets users manage who they follow. November 2023 saw modifications to Twitter’s follower removal mechanism, which can be used to retain a curated audience or clean up your list of follows. We’ll look at the newest techniques and choices accessible in this post for people who want to efficiently manage their Twitter followers.

Accessing the Follower List

You must first access your follower list in order to start the Twitter follower removal process. Go to your Twitter profile and select the “Followers” option by clicking. This is where you can see a list of all the accounts that are currently following you.

Streamlining the Follower Removal Process

In November 2023, Twitter released an upgrade that improved filtering capabilities. Now, users may filter their follows according to a number of factors, including mutual connections, engagement level, and follow date. This makes it possible to manage your follower list in a more personalised way.

Finding Unwanted Followers

It’s critical to identify the accounts you wish to unfollow before deleting followers. Take into account elements like dormant accounts, pointless content, or any other explanation that fits in with your social media objectives. Finding and ranking these accounts can be made easier with the use of the enhanced filtering features previously stated.

Batch Removal Feature

The batch removal feature is a noteworthy enhancement included in the November 2023 release. This simplifies the procedure for users who want to make big changes to their list of followers by enabling them to pick several followers at once and remove them all at once. Those with a sizable fan base will find this function extremely helpful.

Privacy Settings

Twitter has improved its privacy settings to allow users greater control over the people who follow them. Now, users have the option to make their account private, requesting permission from new followers. The upgrade also makes it possible to unfollow someone without blocking them, giving you a more sophisticated way to control who sees your content.

Notification Options

Use the new notification options to stay up to date on the activities of your followers. Alerts can now be sent to users when someone unfollows them or when they get a new follower. Users can keep aware about their follower dynamics and choose who to interact with or remove by using this real-time feedback.

Reviewing and Rethinking

It’s critical to revisit removal decisions and often evaluate your list of followers. The social media environment is ever-changing, and so are user interactions. Your Twitter experience will always be customised to your changing tastes thanks to the option to review and edit your list of followers.


In conclusion, Twitter keeps giving users greater control over their following with the November 2023 update. Managing followers is now easier and more tailored thanks to the new features including batch removal, advanced filtering, and increased privacy settings. Users may keep up an interesting and well-curated Twitter presence that supports their social media objectives by making use of these tools.