How to Play Kings Cup A Royal Affair: How to Play Kings Cup Like a Pro

Kings Cup, sometimes referred to as Circle of Death or Ring of Fire, is a traditional drinking game for parties that mixes skill, luck, and a tonne of fun. This is a great way to break the ice at parties and is a favourite game among friends. Here’s a thorough instruction on how to play Kings Cup if you want to throw an amazing game night or liven up your party.

Setting Up

Get your buddies, a big cup (the “king’s cup”), and a deck of cards before starting the game. Since drinking is a part of the Kings Cup experience, make sure everyone has their favourite beverage available.

  1. Establish the Ring: Lay out the playing cards, facedown, in a circle around the king’s cup. When cards are drawn, participants must adhere to the rules or actions associated with each card position.
  2. Pour the King’s Cup: This is the main activity of the game. Transfer a small portion of each player’s beverage into the king’s cup. Throughout the game, this shared vessel will expand, giving a degree of unpredictability.

The Rules

Give each card in the circle a distinct set of rules. Here are a few well-known guidelines, but you can use your imagination and add your own twists:

  1. Ace- Waterfall: Until the person to their right finishes drinking, nobody else can stop. This produces a “waterfall” effect, giving the game a more lively and engaging aspect.
  2. Two- Give Two: Pick two participants to share a drink. You have the option to divide the sips between them or pour more into one than the other. You have the option!
  3. Three-Take-Three: The card-drawing player takes three sips.
  4. Four- Floor: The last person to touch the floor is allowed to drink.
  5. Five Guys: Each male participant takes a taste.
  6. Six – Chicks: Every female participant takes a taste.
  7. Seven- Heaven: The last person to reach the sky is the one who gets to drink.
  8. Eight- Mate: Pick a player to be your “mate.” They always drink when you do, and vice versa.
  9. Nine: Rhyme: After the card’s holder says a word, all other players must follow suit with words that rhyme. The first person to repeat a word or fail to come up with a rhyme becomes drunk.
  10. Ten – Categories: The person who pulled the card selects a category (such as fruit varieties or movie titles), and then each player takes turns naming objects in that category. The first person to repeat something or be unable to think of anything drinks.
  11. Jack- Establish a Rule: The person who draws the Jack gets to establish a guideline that all players must abide by. Drinking is the punishment for breaking the rule.
  12. Queen: The one who draws the Queen is the one who poses the questions. They can pose a question to anyone, and if they don’t get an answer, they have a drink.
  13. A portion of the player’s drink is poured into the King’s Cup by the one who draws a King. The contents of the cup, which could include a variety of drinks, must be consumed by the person who draws the fourth King.


In conclusion, Kings Cup is a flexible and enjoyable game that you may modify to fit your group’s tastes. Remember that it’s important to practise responsible drinking and to make sure that everyone is at ease with the game’s rules and tempo. Now that you have the best guide to playing Kings Cup, get your pals together, arrange the cards, and start the regal celebrations!