How to Hide Text in Discord

Discord is a popular chat programme, especially among gamers and on internet forums. Even though the majority of Discord conversations are free-form and open-ended, there may be times when you want to obscure or hide particular language or information for a variety of reasons. You can hide text in Discord in a number different ways, depending on whether you want to keep certain things private, avoid spoilers, or just give your conversations a bit more mystery. In this post, we’ll examine some practical tips and methods for accomplishing this.

Using Spoiler Tags

Spoiler tags are a straightforward and built-in method for hiding text on Discord. This feature is handy when you want to prevent others from accidentally seeing spoilers in your messages.

To use spoiler tags:

  • Wrap the text you want to hide in two vertical bars (‘||’).
  • For example, typing ||This is a spoiler|| will appear as “This is a spoiler” with the text hidden until it’s clicked.

Zalgo Text

Zalgo text is a novel and entertaining method of disguising your messages in an erratic, twisted fashion. It gives your writing a creative touch but may make it more difficult for certain users to read.

To produce text in Zalgo:

  • Utilise a Zalgo text generator to change the way you write.
  • Copy and paste the created text into the message in Discord.

Markdown Spoilers

Markdown spoilers are a slightly more customizable way to hide text in Discord using formatting. This method allows you to choose the text that’s displayed when hidden.

To create Markdown spoilers:

  • Wrap the text you want to hide with ‘||’ and place the text you want to display after a ‘|’ character.
  • For example, typing ‘||Hidden Text|Displayed Text||’ will show “Displayed Text,” and when clicked, it reveals “Hidden Text.”

Code Blocks

Using a code block is an effective way to hide text in a more subtle manner. This method is great for sharing code or messages you want to distinguish from regular text.

To create a code block:

  • Wrap your text in three backticks (“`) or triple grave accents.
  • For example, ‘This is a code block’ will appear as a distinct, monospaced text format.

Embed Links

You can also hide text by embedding links within your message. This method allows you to have a visible link with hidden text behind it.

To embed links:

  • Format your message like this: ‘[Visible Text](URL “Hidden Text”)’.
  • Replace “Visible Text” with the text you want to display and “URL” with the actual link. The “Hidden Text” will not be visible but can be seen as a tooltip when hovering over the link.

Zero-Grade Area

Discord has a character called the zero-width space that can be used to hide text from view without assistance. This strategy is so subtle that it can be hard to see through.

Making use of a 0 width space:

  • Wherever you want it to be hidden, enter the zero-width space character (U+200B) into your text.

White Area

You can also hide text by using plenty of spaces or other white space characters. This strategy is easy to employ and could be helpful in casual settings.

Utilising gaps

  • Increase the amount of space between the visible and hidden sections of your text to make the hidden portion disappear.

In summary

Hide text in Discord: It’s a fun and practical way to engage with your community without compromising the privacy of specific data. Using strategies like Zalgo text, Markdown spoilers, and built-in spoiler tags, you can give your emails a unique and captivating touch. Just remember to utilise these tactics responsibly and show consideration for the preferences and situations of other Discord users.