How To Get to the Caelid Region in Elden Ring A guide on Getting to the Caelid region in Elden Ring

Elden Ring, a world teeming with danger and mystery, unveils one of its most treacherous regions—Caelid. This rot-ridden and decaying hellscape, infamous for its spike in difficulty, presents challenges that captivate players in the Elden Ring community. In this guide, we’ll explore three accessible ways to venture into the perilous depths of Caelid, whether you seek powerful weapons, lore-intensive questlines, or a face-off with the iconic shard bearer Radahn.

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While Limgrave may offer a haven for players, Caelid beckons with promises of great equipment and captivating adventures. Although not essential for completing the game, the allure of this rotted region and its gloomy, blood-stained sky proves irresistible for many. Whether you’re after the Moonveil Katana or searching for rune farming spots, Caelid is undoubtedly worth the trouble. Here’s how you can enter this infernal landscape through three different routes.

1. Secret Chest Teleporter

The quickest route to Caelid lies hidden within the Dragon-Burnt Ruins of Limgrave. This path involves a trapped chest that acts as a teleporter to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, a dangerous dungeon within Caelid. Approach with caution, as this chest is deceptively placed to ensnare unsuspecting players.

To find the chest teleporter, descend the cliff on the east side of The First Step, a site of grace where you first encounter Varré. Spot the Dragon-Burnt Ruins from the cliff and make your way down safely. Navigate through the ruins to reach a room infested with rats, and at its end, discover the teleporter chest. Open it and linger in the shrouding smoke to teleport to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

Upon arrival, find yourself in a small shack inside the tunnel. Leaving safely requires tact—move right down the path, crouch to avoid attention from Kindred of Rot enemies, and exit the cave. Before departing the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, activate the grace site for a return journey, as the cave’s boss holds valuable items, including the first Somberstone Bell Bearing.

2. Bestial Sanctum Teleporter Gate

Concealed behind the Third Church of Marika lies a teleporter gate connected to the Bestial Sanctum in Dragonbarrow, north of Caelid. Reach this gate by heading southeast from the Gatefront site of grace and then north after crossing the bridge.

Behind the statue of Marika at the Third Church of Marika, find the teleporter hidden behind bushes. Use it to reach Bestial Sanctum in Dragonbarrow. Upon exiting, head south until reaching the minor Erdtree, and take the whirlwind to Fort Faroth. Proceed southwest to find another whirlwind, using it to descend into the main Caelid area in Elden Ring.

3. Direct Path with Torrent

In Elden Ring, players gain access to Torrent, a reliable steed, after talking to Melina and accepting her request. Riding Torrent makes the journey to Caelid significantly easier, quicker, and simpler compared to walking. Here’s how to reach Caelid by taking the direct path:

After reaching the Third Church of Marika, players can choose to either take the portal to Bestial Sanctum or climb the cliff behind the church for the path to Caelid. The latter avoids high-level enemies but requires a climb. There are three Spiritspring Jumps (whirlwinds) leading to the top of the hill. From there, follow the path east to reach Smoldering Church and then Rotview Balcony.

Alternatively, start the journey from Stormhill Shack. Ride Torrent eastward to reach Saintsbridge and then Summonwater Village. While here, pick up the Green Turtle Talisman for stamina recovery. Cross Summonwater Village, avoiding undead enemies, to find the path leading straight to Caelid.

Caelid, with its ominous skies and perilous landscapes, awaits daring adventurers in Elden Ring. Whether you choose the risky shortcut, the hidden teleporter gate, or the direct path with Torrent, each route offers a unique adventure. Embrace the challenge, discover the mysteries, and forge your path through Caelid to claim the rewards that await in this rot-ridden realm. As you embark on your journey, remember that the true essence of Elden Ring lies not just in the destination but in the trials faced along the way.