How To Get the Bolt Cutters in Alan wake 2 A guide on Getting the Bolt Cutters in Alan wake 2

Alan Wake 2 has finally arrived after a long 13-year hiatus. This sequel promises a full-fledged survival horror experience, and it comes with all the elements that you’d expect from the genre, including the thrill of hunting for keys and solving tricky puzzles. Among the classic tools that players need to get their hands on are the bolt cutters. These trusty instruments will grant you access to previously locked areas and hidden secrets, but they’re not just lying around waiting for you. So, where and how do you find the bolt cutters in Alan Wake 2?

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Bolt Cutters Location in Alan Wake 2

To get your hands on the bolt cutters, you’ll need to embark on a spooky adventure inside the Valhalla Nursing Home during Saga’s Chapter 5: Old Gods. Your mission here is to find Tor Anderson, and after completing the initial tasks in and around the nursing home, you’ll stumble upon an old abandoned bunker as you enter another Overlap.

In the eerie confines of this bunker, you’ll come across a generator, but beware, it’s guarded by a menacing entity known as the Taken. Deal with this threat, and you’ll be able to interact with the generator to bring the bunker back to life.

Once the generator is humming with energy, you’ll spot a red light switch on the wall just inside the room adjacent to the generator. Flip the switch, and Saga, the protagonist, will mention that the lights have revealed a new passage. Indeed, a grated door now stands before you, and it’s time to step through it.

As you enter, you’ll find yourself in a room with rusty bunk beds and overgrown vegetation. Here, a vision of Alan Wake will appear to offer some words of guidance. Exit this room through the rear, and to your left, you’ll notice a colorful graffiti display featuring the words “Oceanview Hotel.” Chances are you’ve encountered this location before in your journey.

From this wall, take a right and follow the corridor as it winds its way through the narrow passages. Along the way, you’ll come across foreboding warnings to “Beware the Drowned Lady.” Don’t be discouraged; push forward, and you’ll notice that the rooms start to repeat and loop. Saga will comment on this strange occurrence as well. To escape this labyrinth, all you need to do is turn around at dead ends and keep an eye on the bunker wall markings, which read 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. Continue following these numbers until you reach a short flight of stairs.

If you ever feel lost or uncertain about your path, simply keep following the bunker numbers in ascending order, and they’ll guide you in the right direction.

Finding the Tool Cabinet Key

Ascending the stairs, you’ll spot a tool cabinet, and that’s where the bolt cutters are stored. However, it’s not as simple as opening the cabinet; it’s locked, and you’ll need a key to access it.

Right next to the cabinet, there’s a red light switch similar to the one near the generator. Flip it on, and head into the next room, which appears to be a control center for the bunker. At the back of this room, you’ll find yet another light switch. Activate this third switch, and the room’s appearance will subtly change. Now, there are some cabinets in the corners containing a few supplies, but the main focus should be on a table with a drawer situated on the far-right wall.

Inside that drawer, you’ll discover the tool cabinet key. With the key in your possession, return to the cabinet locker near the previous switch, unlock it, and retrieve the bolt cutters. Congratulations, you’ve just acquired a versatile tool that will serve you well in your Alan Wake 2 adventure. Additionally, this accomplishment will unlock the Cut Short Trophy/Achievement, so you’ll have even more reason to celebrate.

Now that you have the bolt cutters, you can put them to good use in Alan Wake 2. These trusty tools will help you progress through the next part of the chapter and unlock various puzzles and secrets scattered throughout the game.