How To Get Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2 A guide on Getting Ritualist Scythe in Remnant 2

Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC, the Ritualist Scythe stands as a formidable Melee Weapon, shrouded in mystery and power. This guide is your key to unraveling the secrets of this unique weapon, walking you through the process of acquiring the elusive Scythe Blade and Scythe Hilt, and ultimately crafting the powerful Ritualist Scythe.

Credits – PCGamesN

Discovering the Lost Commune Map

Your journey towards obtaining the Ritualist Scythe begins with reaching the Lost Commune map in Lonsomn. Exclusive to players who have Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC, this map is readily accessible during the one shot experience. For those unfamiliar, the entrance to the Lost Commune hides near the commencement of the Forlorn Coast in the Awakened King one shot, as illustrated on the map.

For those venturing into the randomly generated versions of Losomn after completing the one shot, locating the Lost Commune and its Befouled Altars becomes a quest within itself.

The Hunt for Befouled Altars

Once you’ve set foot on the Lost Commune, your task is to seek out and dismantle two ominous Befouled Altars. These structures, a macabre combination of bodies and wooden slats adorned with purple candles, house the coveted Scythe Blade and Scythe Hilt. Engaging these altars with any Remnant 2 weapon will provoke the emergence of adversaries, and upon their defeat, the desired quest items shall be yours.

Navigating the Lost Commune may sound challenging, but fear not. The distinct purple candles surrounding the Befouled Altars serve as a guiding light. Here’s a detailed walkthrough for each altar:

Befouled Altar #1:

  1. Commence at the mid-map checkpoint.
  2. Progress forward into the next room, utilizing the wooden platforms to access a circular opening on the other side.
  3. Descend a short distance into the next room, turn left, and traverse through the circular opening ahead.
  4. Reach the bottom of the room to discover the first Befouled Altar, easily identified by the purple candlelight below.

Befouled Altar #2:

  1. Return to the platform above the first Befouled Altar.
  2. Pass through the circular opening opposite to the initial entry point.
  3. Ascend a ladder, turn left, and climb a second ladder.
  4. Follow the path to a room traversed by a narrow wood plank.
  5. Utilize the ladder on the left side of the room, proceed until the path’s end, and delicately descend into the water below. You’ll now find yourself on the opposite side of the sluice gate near the troubled Remnant 2 NPC.
  6. Traverse the path across from the sluice gate to unveil the second Befouled Altar.

Crafting the Ritualist Scythe

Once both the Scythe Blade and Scythe Hilt are securely in your possession, it’s time to embark on the final step – crafting the Ritualist Scythe. Head to your inventory and highlight the Scythe Hilt. Upon selecting the “Inspect” option at the bottom of its tooltip, rotate the hilt until its bone-covered end faces you. Now, press “Interact” to reveal a new menu. Within this menu, choose the Scythe Blade to seamlessly combine the quest items and forge the formidable Ritualist Scythe.

The Ritualist Scythe is not merely a weapon, it’s a testament to the perseverance and skill of Remnant 2 players. The journey to obtain the Scythe Blade and Scythe Hilt, coupled with the intricacies of navigating the Lost Commune, adds layers of excitement to this adventure.

With this guide in hand, both novice and seasoned players can confidently embark on the quest for the Ritualist Scythe, armed with the know how of its origins and the strategic steps needed to harness its power.