How To Get More Pickaxes in Monopoly GO A guide on Getting More Pickaxes in Monopoly GO

The Egyptian Treasures event is making a grand return, promising an exciting journey filled with dice, money, and the coveted pickaxes to unearth priceless artifacts. To ensure you maximize your pickaxe collection, let’s delve into the strategies on how to acquire more pickaxes in Monopoly GO.

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Participate in Events and Grab Quick Wins

The cornerstone of pickaxe abundance lies in active participation in events and securing your daily quick wins. Monopoly GO frequently organizes events like Tax Refund, generously distributing pickaxes as you progress through the event’s levels. Simultaneously, daily quick wins shower you with a few pickaxes per objective, creating a steady influx.

Events Rewards

Monopoly GO events are treasure troves offering an array of rewards, including dice, cash, stickers, and more. The Tax Refund event, for instance, showers players with a whopping 185 pickaxes, spread across levels 1-50. Although reaching the event’s culmination demands substantial dice and time investment, the pickaxes acquired can propel you through multiple levels, potentially completing the entire Egyptian Treasures event in one go.

Quick Wins

Another avenue to accumulate pickaxes is by seizing your daily quick wins. With three available every day, each completing quick win rewards you with approximately 3-4 pickaxes. This routine can yield around a dozen pickaxes daily, ensuring a steady supply to conquer several levels during the Egyptian Treasures event.

While quick win pickaxes may not match the abundance of those obtained in the Tax Refund event, their accessibility and ease of completion within a 24-hour timeframe make them an efficient resource for all players.

Strategic Milestones and Continuous Play

A strategic approach involves actively seeking event rewards by participating in various events and consistently achieving daily quick wins. By doing so, you seamlessly progress through the Egyptian Treasures event. Additionally, certain milestones, such as reaching Milestone 3 in the Egyptian Treasures event, offer a bonus of three extra pickaxes along with some cash.

Playing Monopoly GO regularly emerges as the key to amassing the most pickaxes. Unfortunately, there’s no magical shortcut or exploit to rapidly accumulate these coveted items. Given that the Egyptian Treasures event has a limited run until November 16, it’s imperative to engage in dedicated gameplay to conquer the challenges and reap the rewards.

Utilizing Pickaxes in Monopoly GO

Now that you’ve stocked up on pickaxes, the next step is to wield them strategically. Roll around the Monopoly GO board to earn more free hammers and valuable prizes. By tapping on squares and using your pickaxe, you unlock extraordinary treasures hidden within the sand pit.

Navigating the Egyptian Treasures event bubble on the right side of your phone screen, you’ll encounter a sand pit filled with treasures. Deploy your pickaxes to clear these blocks, revealing artifacts and unlocking subsequent areas. Each discovery brings rewards such as free dice, sticker packs, and cash, propelling you further into the depths of the event.

As you amass pickaxes and engage in the excavation process, it’s crucial to understand the nuances of deploying these valuable tools. Open the Egyptian Treasures event bubble on your phone’s right side, revealing the sand pit harboring untold treasures. Use your recently acquired pickaxes judiciously to dismantle blocks and unveil artifacts.

The rewards are not merely cosmetic; they significantly impact your progress. Uncover items, move on to the next area, and reap the benefits of free dice, sticker packs, and cash. Exercise caution, though, as some treasures lurk beneath the surface, requiring strategic deployment of your pickaxes.

Grinding Challenges Before November 16

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to embark on a Monopoly GO adventure and intensify your efforts. With the Egyptian Treasures event concluding on November 16, the clock is ticking. There’s no substitute for consistent playtime and active participation in events to ensure a robust supply of pickaxes.

As you navigate the Monopoly GO universe, unlocking treasures and conquering challenges, the satisfaction of mastering the art of pickaxe accumulation will be your ultimate reward.

Sticker Packs 

Now that you’ve mastered the art of collecting pickaxes for the Egyptian Treasures event, it’s time to set your sights on the next goal—completing sticker packs! For insights into acquiring five-star stickers in Monopoly GO, or to explore more articles related to your gaming journey, click on the tag below and discover a growing repository of valuable tips and strategies.

In conclusion, navigating Monopoly GO’s Egyptian Treasures event requires a blend of strategic gameplay, active event participation, and astute deployment of pickaxes. By following these guidelines, you’re not just playing a game; you’re embarking on an adventure, uncovering treasures, and claiming your spot among the Monopoly elite. Happy gaming!