How To Get Boss Weapons in Lords of the Fallen A guide on Getting Boss Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, much like the Souls series, offers players the opportunity to obtain special weapons and items by conquering formidable bosses. However, the process of obtaining these boss weapons, known as “Remembrances” in the game, can be somewhat unclear. This article is here to provide a straightforward explanation to help you get a grip on acquiring boss weapons in Lords of the Fallen.

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Where to Find Remembrances

In Lords of the Fallen, after defeating most of the game’s bosses, they will leave behind something known as an “Umbral Stigma.” This Umbral Stigma is essentially an echo of a past traumatic event that occurred at that specific location. It’s important to note that Umbral Stigmas can only be found in the Umbral, the dark world, which you can access after defeating the boss. If you didn’t meet an untimely demise at least once before reaching this point, that is.

To locate the Umbral Stigma, use the L3 button (on PS5) to target it. Once you’ve got it in your sights, initiate the “Soulflay” action by holding down L2 and then R2. This will activate the memory associated with the Stigma, and a brief dialogue sequence will unfold. Afterward, you’ll be rewarded with an item known as a “Remembrance,” unique to that particular boss.

Understanding Remembrances

Think of Remembrances as the Lords of the Fallen equivalent of the Boss Souls found in Dark Souls or the Remembrances in Elden Ring. These valuable items can be traded for boss weapons, items like rings, and even spells. Now, let’s find out where you can exchange these Remembrances for those tempting rewards.

How to Trade Remembrances for Boss Weapons

To trade your hard-earned Remembrances for the sought-after boss weapons and other goodies, you’ll need to locate an NPC named Molhu. Molhu can be found on the upper level of Skyrest Bridge, but there’s a catch. You can only spot him when you’re in Umbral, the dark world. Transition to Umbral, and you’ll be able to see him waiting there.

Once you’ve found Molhu, initiate a conversation with him. You’ll discover an option that allows you to trade your Remembrances with him. Keep in mind that the exchange won’t be entirely cost-free. It also requires a special currency known as “Umbral Scouring,” which can be obtained by defeating specific enemies and by performing “Soulflays” on Umbral Stigmas.

The rewards for trading Remembrances and Umbral Scouring are quite enticing. You can acquire powerful items such as the inferno sorcery and unique rings, among others. Some of the best weapons in the game can be obtained through Remembrances, but remember that you might have to make choices, as you can’t have it all. So, decide carefully which items you want to exchange your Remembrances for.

In addition to boss weapons, Molhu offers a variety of other useful items for Vigor, although they come at a price. You can purchase an Umbral catalyst and different Umbral spells from Molhu. As you progress through the game, he will expand his inventory with even more options. For those who initially focused on an Umbral caster build, this can be a great resource. However, be aware that the stat requirements for such builds can be demanding. Molhu also provides a solution for those who wish to change their character’s direction – a “Rebirth Chrysalis” is available in case you decide to respec your character.

Obtaining boss weapons in Lords of the Fallen may seem confusing at first, but it becomes much simpler once you understand the process. Defeating bosses, collecting Umbral Stigmas, and trading Remembrances with Molhu in Umbral will unlock a world of powerful weapons, spells, and items for your character. The choices are yours to make, so consider your options carefully as you progress through the game and discover the best strategies for your unique playstyle. With this guide, you’re well on your way to becoming a formidable force in the world of Lords of the Fallen.