How To Get Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2 A guide on Getting Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2

In the vast world of Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC, hidden treasures await daring players. One such elusive prize is the Anguish Handgun, a secret weapon that adds a layer of mystery and excitement to the game. This guide is your key to unlocking the secrets and obtaining the coveted Anguish in Remnant 2. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey step by step.

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Step 1: Starting a New Campaign

The adventure begins with a fresh start. After installing the DLC, players should initiate a new campaign and traverse through the untamed lands until they reach Root Earth. Progressing through the initial section and triggering the checkpoint after the train yard encounter sets the stage for what lies ahead.

Step 2: Ethereal Manor Event

In the heart of Losomn, players must embark on an adventure until they stumble upon Remnant 2’s Ethereal Manor event. This mysterious event can materialize in various dungeons engulfed in flames within Butcher’s Quarters, Cotton’s Kiln, Lenmark District, and Sunken Haunt. Inside a grand stone building beyond an open gate, a seated NPC awaits. Approach and be transported to the enigmatic Ethereal Manor.

Using the Liquid Escape consumable, journey from the Consecrated Throne to Ward 13, but beware, any misstep after this point means losing all progress.

Step 3: Conversation with Dran in Ward 13

Navigate to the specified location in Ward 13, marked on your map. Here, a Dran stands by a flickering barrel, waiting for interaction.

Step 4: Dran in The Red Throne

Venture into Yaesha in Adventure Mode until you find a world that commences with the Red Throne map. Traverse the path to the right in the courtyard, leading to a room where a Dran awaits. Engage in conversation to unveil the next phase of your quest.

Step 5: Dran in The Labyrinth

Return to your campaign and reach the Fractured Ingress checkpoint within the Labyrinth. Ascend the nearby stairs, encountering a Dran on top of the large portal. Engage in conversation to progress.

Step 6: Dran in Forgotten Prison

Head out on the N’Erud Adventure Mode, seeking a world that initiates with the Forgotten Prison map. Follow the Tal Ratha story, speaking with the Dran near the checkpoint preceding the boss fight. This step brings you closer to the Anguish Handgun.

Step 7: Dran in Ashen Wasteland

Returning to the campaign, journey to the Root Earth checkpoint triggered in Step 1. There, by the fence, the Dran awaits your conversation. Speak with him to continue the unfolding saga.

Step 8: Dran in Tormented Asylum

Once again, traverse Losomn in Adventure Mode until the Morrow Parish map materializes. Progress through the Nightweaver story to reach the Tormented Asylum. Upon entering, turn right, explore the alcove, and engage with the Dran present. Your journey is nearing its climax.

Step 9: Utilizing Dran’s Dream

Concluding your discussions with Dran, you’ll receive Dran’s Dream, a crucial consumable item. Activate it to be transported to an area where the coveted Occult Vessel awaits. Collect this mysterious material and bring it to McCabe in Ward 13. McCabe possesses the skill to craft the Occult Vessel into the much sought-after Anguish weapon in Remnant 2.

With patience and determination, players can navigate the intricate path to acquire the Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2. By following these steps, players can successfully navigate the intricate process of obtaining the Anguish Handgun in Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC. Remember to play cautiously to avoid losing progress and maximize your chances of success in your quest for this secret weapon.