How to Get a Metal Smelter in Lego Fortnite

Building a metal smelter for their LEGO Fortnite creations is a unique and demanding project that allows both LEGO aficionados and Fortnite fans to start on an exciting creative journey. We’ll go over detailed directions and advice in this tutorial to assist you in realising this industrial wonder in the blocky world.

Items Required

To guarantee a seamless building experience, acquire the required items before to beginning the construction process. What you’ll need is as follows:

  • LEGO Bricks: A collection of bricks with different dimensions and hues.
  • LEGO Technic Pieces: Technical components such as axles, connectors, gears, and others.
  • Reference Images: Metal smelter-themed screenshots or concept art from Fortnite.
  • The essential components of any LEGO construction endeavour are creativity and patience.

Step 1: Planning and Research

To learn about the characteristics and design of metal smelters in Fortnite, start by doing some research on them. Gather concept art and reference photos to help you with your construction. Keep an eye out for important components including control panels, conveyor belts, and furnaces. Make a basic outline or mental blueprint of your LEGO metal smelting after you have a clear concept.

Step 2: Selecting the Measure

Choose how big you want your LEGO Fortnite metal smelter to be. Think about the amount of detail you want to attain and the space you have available for your work. Early on in the process, deciding on a scale can help you choose the right LEGO bricks and guarantee that the finished product has a balanced, coherent appearance.

Step 3: Assembling the Structure

Start by assembling the metal smelter’s structure out of standard LEGO bricks. Build the foundation and walls for the main structure. To determine the general size and shape of the smelter, use larger bricks. The foundation for the subsequent, more detailed steps is laid by this phase.

Step 4: Adding Technical Elements

To give your metal smelter more mechanical and functional elements, incorporate LEGO Technic pieces. To replicate moving pieces, such conveyor belts or adjustable vents, use gears, axles, and connectors. This step will give your LEGO project an additional degree of authenticity and make it more akin to its Fortnite equivalent.

Step 5: Conveyor Belts and Furnaces

Build the furnace that is the central component of your metal smelter. Build a realistic-looking furnace with specialty bricks and add conveyor belts composed of sections of conveyor belt or smooth tiles. Try varying the angles and connections to create a layout that is visually pleasing and dynamic.

Step 6: Detailing and Control Panels

Add control panels, buttons, and other little elements to your LEGO Fortnite metal smelter to make it look more realistic. To portray switches, buttons, and monitoring devices, use smaller LEGO pieces. This step gives you the chance to give your invention personality and convey the spirit of an operational industrial complex.


In conclusion, constructing a metal smelter in LEGO Fortnite is a difficult but worthwhile project that blends the imaginative domains of video games and brick building. You can add the industrial charm of Fortnite to your LEGO collection by following these instructions and adding your own special touch. So gather your materials, get ready, and begin building your very own LEGO Fortnite metal smelter right now!