How To Find the Yeti in GTA 5 Online A guide on Finding the Yeti in GTA 5 Online

The Yeti proves to be a formidable opponent, absorbing substantial damage. It can take approximately 10 shots from a Railgun to bring him down.The holiday season is in full swing, and the festive spirit has found its way to GTA Online, where players are not only indulging in virtual adventures but also seeking unique outfits to spice up their winter escapades. Among the many ensembles available, the Yeti costume stands out as a fuzzy and intriguing choice.

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GTA Online serves as an excellent diversion while we eagerly await the release of GTA 6. Why not make the most of this time by acquiring the elusive Yeti outfit in style? To achieve this, you’ll need to channel your inner detective and follow a series of clues leading to a tense encounter with the creature on the snowy hilltops. Follow these steps to learn how to find the yeti in GTA 5.

Initiating the Quest to Find the Yeti

Head towards the Chiliad Mountains, whether in a vehicle or on foot. Soon after, you’ll receive a text message from Tanner, who informs you of a near death encounter he barely survived in the Chiliad wilderness. This sets the stage for your quest to take down a mysterious entity. Look out for a question mark on the map, indicating a specific location in the Chiliad wilderness housing five essential clues.

Discovering all the Clues

As you approach the designated area, listen for an eerie audio cue resembling a heartbeat, signaling your proximity to a clue. The first clue awaits, presenting a haunting scene of body parts scattered near a broken tree. To inspect, walk up and press E when close to the clues.

The subsequent clue reveals a bloodied, unoccupied tent, likely belonging to the unfortunate camper from the initial scene. Follow the road north to locate this tent. A bit off the beaten path, the third clue manifests as a car wreck with a bloody t-shirt nearby. Keep an eye out for the prompt in the top-left corner to examine this item.

The journey continues, leading you to a car that has veered off into a shallow valley. Approach and inspect the wreckage before reaching the final clue, located on the river’s edge, with a deer’s carcass nearby. Once all clues are in your possession, return to the area at night to confront the Yeti.

Strategies to Finish the Yeti off Quickly

Prepare for a nighttime showdown with the Yeti, who will attack if you step out of your car. As darkness falls, a notification will alert you that “The Yeti from the Chiliad wilderness has come for you. Defeat it to earn a unique reward.” Keep an eye out for a red skull icon closing in on your location.

Spotting the Yeti on the map with a red icon gives you a heads-up. While the Yeti isn’t overly diverse in his attacks, he can endure a fair amount of damage. Dodge and weave while peppering him with shots from your weapon of choice, be it the new WM 29 Pistol or others.

To expedite the process, also consider bringing explosives along, as a few well-placed C4 shots or rockets can dispatch him effortlessly. In any case, the Oppressor Mk II flying bike or any similar aerial vehicle will prove effective for launching rockets or firing bullets at the Yeti from the sky, as it can do nothing but stand and take it all on the ground below you.

After eliminating the Yeti, a pop-up notification celebrates your victory and informs you of unlocking the sought-after Yeti outfit. Access it through any clothing store or your personal wardrobe, adding a unique touch to your GTA Online character.