How To Evolve Kubfu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet A guide on Evolving Kubfu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In the expansive world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the eagerly awaited Indigo Disk DLC has brought back a plethora of Legendary Pokémon, inviting trainers to embark on new adventures. Among these returning legends is Kubfu, the adorable Wushu Pokémon, and its evolved form, Urshifu. This guide will walk you through the process of catching and training these powerful creatures, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your journey in Generation Nine’s Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Credits – TheNerdStash

Locating Kubfu in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet:

Kubfu, the formidable Fighting-type bear introduced in Pokémon Sword & Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC, is making a triumphant return in the Indigo Disk expansion. To add this legendary Pokémon to your team, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the main storyline in Pokémon Scarlet or Violet.
  2. Conclude the main storyline in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s The Teal Mask DLC.

Once you’ve accomplished these milestones, you’ll gain access to The Indigo Disk DLC. The expansion introduces several legendary Pokémon, including Kubfu, as showcased in the trailer. To find Kubfu, embark on Solo Blueberry Quests, gather snacks in The Terrarium, and engage in Blueberry Quests while conversing with Snacksworth at Blueberry Academy. Keep an eye out for Kubfu by Fury Falls, situated between Northern Province (Area Two) and Northern Province (Area One).

It’s worth noting that specific details on the locations of these legendary encounters may vary, and the information in this guide will be updated accordingly when more details become available.

Can Kubfu be Shiny?

As of now, it remains unconfirmed whether Kubfu can appear in its Shiny form in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Indigo Disk DLC. While Shiny forms were previously unattainable in Pokémon Sword & Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC, there’s a possibility that returning Pokémon may be found in their Shiny variants. Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting prospect.

Evolving Kubfu into Urshifu:

Kubfu, being a versatile Pokémon, can evolve into one of two distinctive forms: Single Strike Style and Rapid Strike Style Urshifu. Each form boasts unique typings, with Single Strike Style being a dual Dark and Fighting-type, and Rapid Strike Style featuring a dual Dark and Water-type. To evolve Kubfu into either of these forms, you’ll need the corresponding evolution items:

  1. Single Strike Style – Scroll of Darkness
  2. Rapid Strike Style – Scroll of Waters

These items can be procured at the Porto Marinada auctions, conveniently located on the western side of the map, just above Asado Desert. Once at the Port Marinada markets, approach the tall, bespectacled female NPC overseeing the auctions. She regularly holds auctions for battle and evolution items used by legendary Pokémon. While there’s no guaranteed way to obtain the specific item you want, participating in these auctions may also yield other valuable items, such as the Ice Plate or Dark Plate used by Arceus to change forms.

As this expansion brings back legendary favorites, the process of adding Kubfu to your team involves strategic steps. Begin by completing the main storyline and The Teal Mask DLC. Once the Indigo Disc drops, explore The Terrarium, gather snacks, and complete Blueberry Quests. Keep an eye out for Kubfu near Fury Falls, but exact details may vary. Wondering about shiny Kubfu? It’s unconfirmed, so stay tuned. Evolving Kubfu into Single Strike or Rapid Strike Style Urshifu requires Scrolls of Darkness or Waters, found at Porto Marinada auctions.