How To Defeat the Sandman in Spider-Man 2 A guide on Defeating the Sandman in Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has taken the gaming world by storm with its incredible reviews and thrilling gameplay. As players dive into this action-packed adventure, they’ll quickly find themselves facing one of Spider-Man’s most iconic foes: Sandman. In this guide, we’ll break down the strategies and steps needed to defeat Sandman and kickstart your journey in Spider-Man 2.

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Starting the Fight

To begin the battle against Sandman, players first need to reach his location. Along the way, the game provides a quick refresher on essential moves such as web swings and web launches, preparing you for the showdown with Sandman. As you arrive at the location, you’ll see Sandman on a destructive rampage.

Defeating Sandman

Defeating Sandman is not an easy task, and it requires patience and quick reflexes. At first, you won’t be able to inflict much damage on him. Your primary focus should be on evading his attacks by using the Circle button. You also have the option to throw objects back at Sandman by pressing both the R1 and L1 buttons simultaneously, which will gradually lower his health.

After dodging Sandman’s attacks for some time, you’ll gain the ability to use a Web Strike by pressing the Triangle button. Sandman will then toss Peter into a building, and you’ll need to escape his grasp. To do this, keep the R2 button held down and use the left analog stick to guide Peter.

As you make your escape, you’ll spot an innocent person in danger. Press the Triangle button to rescue them before swinging away to safety. You’ll then find yourself in an area filled with sand minions. Start taking them down using the Square button. If the minions become overwhelming, Peter will unleash his special move: the Spider Barrage, activated by pressing the L1 and Square buttons. This move targets and eliminates a single enemy with precision.

Eventually, the actual Sandman will reappear, and you’ll have to press R1 and L1 to drop a water pipe on him. Shortly after this, you’ll assume control of Miles, who will help you by throwing objects at Sandman. Keep an eye out for a prompt near Sandman’s shoulder, and press the Triangle button to crystallize it.

Sandman will attempt to flee, and you’ll need to chase him down. When he pauses to throw objects at you, use R1 to shoot webs at him. Then press the Triangle button to rip chunks from his face and use them to repeatedly strike Sandman by tapping the Square button. Continue this process until you ultimately destroy Sandman’s shoulder, which will result in Miles being thrown away.

Dealing with Sandman’s Sand Streams

Sandman’s attacks can be punishing, especially his sand streams, which can deal hefty damage. To evade them, keep swinging around and make use of your web shooters to hurl his sand chunks back at him. In a critical moment, Peter will assist Miles by hurling a water tank at Sandman’s face. Press the Triangle button to launch the final attack on your target.

Subsequently, Sandman will pursue both Peter and Miles. Control Miles with the left analog stick and use the Circle button to dodge incoming attacks. As you reach the roof, Miles takes a hard fall. In the following area, you’ll face more of Sandman’s minions, and the game introduces you to the Venom Punch. Activate this move by pressing the L1 and Square buttons.

After eliminating the minions on the first floor, go to the next level. The roof collapses, leaving Miles injured. Use the Down button on the D-Pad to heal, then crawl out to confront more of Sandman’s minions.

The Final Showdown

Sandman makes his last stand, tearing apart the ceiling, allowing you to throw a water container at him. Next, you’ll have the chance to play as Peter as he descends from the sky. Utilize the Web Wings by pressing the Triangle button. Sandman will unleash tornadoes in Peter’s direction, which you must navigate through using the left analog stick. When the opportunity for a web strike arises, follow the on-screen prompt. Afterward, you’ll face a final wave of minions. Defeat them all, then execute another web strike.

Miles will step in to help by harnessing his powers to charge the Spider Arms. Unleash this devastating attack by pressing the L1 and Circle buttons to fire a deadly beam that will finally bring Sandman’s rampage to an end. With this powerful move, you’ll defeat the game’s first major boss, and Sandman will be captured.