How To Defeat the Lizard in Spider-Man 2 A guide on Defeating the Lizard in Spider-Man 2

In the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the formidable opponent known as The Lizard has made his appearance. Facing this reptilian threat is no easy task, but with the added power of the Black Suit, Peter Parker has a fighting chance. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the strategies to defeat The Lizard in Spider-Man 2, breaking it down into three distinct phases, and we’ll keep it simple so that even a teenager can follow along.

Credits – ComicBook

Lizard Phase One

As you progress through the secret Oscorp Lab, The Lizard will suddenly appear and thrust Spider-Man into a boss fight. Initially, the game will introduce you to Crush Attacks, which are signaled by the blue circle around The Lizard’s mouth. Remember, you cannot block or parry these attacks, so your only option is to dodge them to avoid getting crushed.

The Lizard employs a one-two horizontal swipe, using his left arm followed by his right. You can either parry these attacks or simply dodge to build up your Focus and create opportunities for counterattacks. In this phase, it’s best to unleash your aggression and go all out on The Lizard since he’s not at his strongest. The Black Suit gives you an edge in this early stage.

The Lizard can also jump backward to create distance between you and him. If he’s at a distance, he might try to perform a leap attack by slashing at you. Stay close to The Lizard to avoid these attacks.

Watch out for The Lizard’s move when he crouches on all fours and raises his tail with a yellow ring around his head. This is a signal for you to either parry or jump in the air to avoid his 360-degree tail swipe.

Around the boss fight arena, you’ll notice yellow grates on the floor with warning signs. If you press L1 + R1 when The Lizard is on top of one of these grates, steam will burst from the open doors, stunning The Lizard and making him vulnerable to powerful attacks using the Square button.

Lizard Phase Two

When The Lizard’s health bar reaches 0%, it annoyingly goes back to 100%, and he leaps onto a nearby wall. This second phase is tougher, as The Lizard has some new tricks up his sleeve.

While perched on the wall, The Lizard can perform a fast Crush attack, so stay on your toes and be ready to dodge. He will let out a quick roar before lunging at you.

While on the wall, The Lizard can also use his claws to grab debris and throw it at you. Dodge these moves or use your Web-Shooters (R1) to get him off the wall, then follow up with a Web Strike attack (Triangle Button) to close the distance and start a combo using the Square button to knock him down.

In this phase, make the most of Spider-Man’s gadgets and abilities to chip away at The Lizard’s health without risking your own. Avoid using Takedowns, as they may deal significant damage but can leave you vulnerable without a chance to heal.

Lizard Phase Three

After a thrilling chase through New York City, you’ll find yourself back in a boss arena in the sewers. The Lizard is now larger and more intimidating, and Peter Parker’s patience is wearing thin, thanks to the influence of the Symbiote Suit. This is the perfect time to use the Symbiote Surge ability with L3 + R3. This allows you to continuously execute basic attacks using the Square button while being nearly immune to damage.

The Lizard has also learned a new trick – the Black Suit is vulnerable to high frequencies, and he occasionally roars to stun Peter. To avoid this, dodge and zip away from these roars when you see the blue circle on The Lizard’s mouth indicating an incoming Crush attack.

The Lizard will string together combos of his own, including a series of slashes and tail swipes, or swipes with his tail followed by roars. Pay attention to your Spider-Sense’s directions and utilize Spider-Man’s Symbiote Abilities to stay in the fight.

The Lizard also employs vertical tail slam attacks, which you can parry or dodge. After a successful parry, spam a simple combo with the Square Button to chip away at The Lizard’s final health bar. Additionally, you can yank open red panels on walls and floors using L1 + R2 to stun The Lizard when he walks over them.