How To Clear Aether Nests in Modern Warfare 3 A guide on Clearing Aether Nests in Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies (MWZ) makes you confront the zombie-infested lands of Urzikstan. Amidst the chaos, players will encounter Aether Nests, marked on the Tac-Map by a distinct indicator resembling a puff of gas or smoke. Successfully clearing these nests is not just a necessity but a pathway to lucrative rewards, including Aether pickups and valuable loot crates. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Aether Nest clearance and equip you with the skills needed to navigate through the toxic challenges.

Credits – DotEsports

Understanding Aether Nests

Aether Nests are scattered across the MWZ mission area, identifiable through the Tac Map or by spotting buildings enveloped in a sinister green gas. As players approach these nests, they will face not only an augmented zombie presence but also a toxic gas that steadily saps their health unless equipped with a gas mask. Inside the nest, players can discover Aether pickups, the in-game currency crucial for obtaining perks and upgrading weapons, along with loot crates that become accessible after successfully clearing the nest.

To enhance survival chances, players should keep an eye out for gas masks. These can be discovered in loot crates surrounding the nest or even within the nest itself, though visibility may be compromised due to the pervasive gas. While navigating the nest without a gas mask is perilous and inflicts constant damage, it is feasible for players to endure the gas for a few seconds, making it crucial to adapt and strategize for successful Aether Nest clearance. Given the recurring need to clear nests in Operation Deadbolt missions, mastering this process becomes paramount for players.

Clearing Aether Nests

Clearing Aether Nests is a straightforward yet perilous task. Players need to identify and target the bright yellow cysts within the nest, shooting them to obliterate and ultimately clear the nest. However, caution is paramount, as these cysts can be cunningly concealed behind doors and in tight corners. Equipping a gas mask becomes advantageous, affording players precious extra seconds in the gas to pinpoint cyst locations.

Amidst the daunting challenge, players must remain vigilant, as the footsteps of approaching zombies turn nearly silent within the gas-filled nests. Getting overwhelmed by a sudden swarm is a genuine risk, emphasizing the need for careful maneuvering and strategic planning.

A recommended strategy involves running outside the nest to gather all zombies and eliminate them before focusing on the cysts within. Destroying two or three cysts, players should exit the nest, regroup, and eliminate any nearby threats. This cyclical pattern continues until the final cyst is eradicated, and the gas dissipates. Each successful clearance rewards players with XP and a max ammo power-up, replenishing ammunition expended during the process.


The journey doesn’t end with the satisfaction of a cleared nest. Players are not only bestowed with XP and ammo but also gain access to Aether Crates inside the nest. These crates unlock, revealing an array of loot in varying rarities, from new weapons to acquisitions that can be either equipped or extracted for future deployments. The rewards serve as a testament to the resilience and skill exhibited during the Aether Nest clearance, making each successful mission a stepping stone to greater in-game achievements.

With the knowledge of nest locations, the importance of gas masks, and effective clearance strategies, players can go through the territories of Urzikstan easily. The rewards awaiting successful nest clearance add an extra layer of motivation, turning each mission into a rewarding experience. So, gear up, embrace the challenge, and let the thrill of Aether Nest clearance propel you to new heights in MW3 Zombies.