How To Catch Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald A guide on Catching Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald

Deoxys, a formidable legendary or mythical Pokemon, is one of the most sought-after catches in the Pokemon world, with some players even resorting to cheats or exploits to capture it. Known for its unique ability to change forms, each variation boasts distinct characteristics in terms of strength, speed, attack, and defense. This Pokemon can be found in various Pokemon games, including the widely enjoyed “Pokemon Emerald.” To capture Deoxys in this edition, players must follow a specific set of steps. This guide will walk you through the process in a simplified manner, ensuring an easy-to-follow approach.

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Obtain the Aurora Ticket through Mystery Gift

In Pokemon Emerald Deoxys can only be encountered on Birth Island, situated near Six Island and Seven Island in the Sevii Island region. However, players must first obtain the Aurora Ticket through the Mystery Gift feature. To do this:

  • Visit any Pokemart in the game and engage with the questionnaire on the counter.
  • Respond to the questionnaire with the phrase “Link Together With All.”
  • The storekeeper will grant you access to the Mystery Gift system.

Access the Mystery Gift System

Accessing the Mystery Gift system is crucial for obtaining the Aurora Ticket. Save and restart the game, then navigate to the startup menu. Within the Mystery Gift system, select the Wonder Gift option to initiate the process.

Acquire the Aurora Ticket from a Pokemon Center

Enter any Pokemon Center, the rest areas scattered throughout the towns in the game. Locate the man with the green hat and engage in conversation with him. He will reward you with the coveted Aurora Ticket.

Prepare for the Encounter

To maximize your chances of capturing Deoxys, it’s essential to prepare adequately. Purchase several Ultra Balls from a Pokemart, as these will be instrumental in capturing the elusive Pokemon. Additionally, assemble a team of strong Pokemon, preferably at levels 30 or 40, to face Deoxys in battle.

Travel to Birth Island

With the Aurora Ticket in your possession, head to Vermillion City and board the S.S. Tidal. Speak to the sailor on board to journey to Birth Island. Keep in mind that Birth Island doesn’t appear on the Town Map or the PokeNav, making it a mysterious and hidden location.

Solve the Triangular Puzzle

Upon reaching Birth Island, save your game to ensure you can retry if needed. The island harbors a triangular puzzle that must be solved to summon Deoxys. Utilize your puzzle-solving skills or consult an online walkthrough for assistance. Once the puzzle is solved, Deoxys will make its appearance.

Battle and Capture Deoxys

Engage in battle with Deoxys, but be careful not to knock it out. Weaken its Hit Points significantly before attempting to capture it. Use Ultra Balls to increase your chances of success. Keep throwing balls until Deoxys is successfully captured.

After successfully capturing Deoxys, you’ll witness its transformation into its Speed form. This unique aspect adds to the excitement of capturing the mythical Pokemon in “Pokemon Emerald.”

Additional Tips

  • If the Wonder Gift doesn’t appear on your screen, consider connecting with a friend who has visited a Wonder Spot, a rare machine used by Nintendo at conventions. You can trade for the Aurora Ticket in this case.
  • Should you fail to capture Deoxys, simply shut the game off and reload your saved file to try again without losing any crucial data.

Capturing Deoxys in “Pokemon Emerald” is definitely a adventure that requires strategic planning and careful execution. By following these simplified steps, players can increase their chances of encountering and successfully capturing this legendary Pokemon. Remember to save your progress before attempting the encounter and utilize strong Pokemon and Ultra Balls for a seamless and enjoyable experience.