How To Beat the Sunken Witch in Remnant 2 A guide on Beating the Sunken Witch in Remnant 2

Remnant 2’s latest DLC, The Awakened King, introduces players to the formidable Sunken Witch boss. Nestled within the mysterious Sunken Haunt, this boss encounter provides a unique challenge for players navigating the treacherous waters of Losomn. In this guide, we’ll explore how to locate and conquer the Sunken Witch, offering valuable tips and strategies for a triumphant victory.

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Locating the Sunken Witch in Remnant 2: As players progress through the Forlorn Coast and conquer the Dire Fiend mini-boss, they’ll find themselves in the Sunken Haunt. A checkpoint precedes a descending slope toward the end of this eerie area, leading to an underground tunnel entrance. Keep an eye out for a square, grid-like section on the map’s bottom – this marks the lair of the Sunken Witch. Stepping through the curtain-like entrance triggers a cutscene, signaling the commencement of the intense battle.

The Sunken Witch Boss Fight: The Sunken Witch, an amped-up version of the Lesser Sunken Witches encountered earlier, awaits players in a cramped space with limited escape routes. The key to victory lies in mastering the Witch’s attacks and employing effective strategies.

Boss Fight Tips and Strategies:

The Sunken Witch, a mightier version of its lesser counterparts, demands a strategic approach. The confined space adds to the challenge, requiring players to deftly avoid the Witch’s relentless assaults. Let’s explore effective strategies to conquer the Sunken Witch and overcome its primary attacks.

Load up on DPS Abilities

Equip high-damage DPS (damage per second) abilities tailored to your Remnant 2 archetypes. Focus on reducing the Witch’s health while maintaining distance to shoot, reload, and deploy special abilities, such as an Engineer class turret.

Beware of Explosive Damage

Exercise caution with explosive damage and fire mods featuring area-of-effect (AOE) effects. In the narrow corridor, it’s easy to become ensnared in the chaos. Additionally, certain weapon mods like Stasis Beam are ineffective against the Sunken Witch, requiring players to experiment and identify the most potent arsenal.

Identify the Weak Spot

The Sunken Witch’s head is her primary weak spot. Concentrate your attacks on this vulnerable area to maximize damage.

Boss Attack Patterns:

  1. Spinning Swipe and Smash Attack: Dodge-rolling is crucial for evading the Witch’s spinning swipe attacks. Time your dodges carefully to create distance and gain an advantage in the confined space.
  2. Demonic Dogs Phase: Deplete the first chunk of the Witch’s health, and she retreats to the wooden structure, summoning demonic dogs. Dispatch these enemies swiftly with a powerful melee weapon.
  3. Ground Pound Attack: After dealing with the dogs, the Sunken Witch returns with a deadly ground pound attack. Keep an eye on her location, dodge the incoming blow, and seize the opportunity to hit or shoot her upon landing.
  4. Running Charge Attack: After the spinning swipe, the Sunken Witch charges towards the player with a lunging attack. Dodge and maintain distance to avoid this devastating move.

Boss Battle Rewards:

Upon successfully defeating the Sunken Witch, players are rewarded with the Hex Wreath, a craftable weapon mod in Remnant 2. This valuable mod, part of The Awakened King DLC, is essential for crafting Creeping Mist. Deploying Creeping Mist releases a canister that shatters on impact, unleashing an expanding mist for 20 seconds. Not only does Creeping Mist inflict Status Effect Damage, but it also increases the likelihood of Critical Hits, providing a powerful advantage in subsequent battles.

The Sunken Witch boss battle requires a combination of strategic thinking, precise dodging, and effective use of weapon mods. Armed with the right knowledge and tactics, players can navigate the Sunken Haunt and emerge victorious against this formidable foe in Remnant 2’s Awakened King DLC.