How To Beat Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail Aetherium Wars A guide on Beating Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail Aetherium Wars

The Aetherium Wars event in Honkai: Star Rail, running from October 11, 2023, to November 13, 2023, presents gamers with an exciting opportunity to secure exclusive event rewards. To ensure you make the most of this limited-time event, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on how to beat the Silver Wolf duel during the Final Showdown.

Credits – Teilleo

Prerequisites for Aetherium Wars

Before diving into the epic battles of Aetherium Wars, there are two prerequisites you must meet:

  1. Complete the Future Market Part 2 Trailblaze Continuance Mission.
  2. Achieve Trailblazer level 21.

While seasoned players should breeze through these requirements, newcomers might find themselves needing to level up swiftly to reach Trailblazer level 21 before the event concludes.

Aetherium Wars takes center stage in version 1.4 of Honkai: Star Rail, offering players a Pokemon-esque experience of battling with Aether Spirits. As you progress through the tournament, you’ll eventually find yourself in the finals, facing challenging duels. Here’s our guide on how to emerge victorious in the Silver Wolf Duel during the Final Showdown of Aetherium Wars.

Aetherium Wars Basics

In the heat of battle, players can deploy up to four Aether Spirits, with a restriction of one Overlord Aether Spirit per team. Overlord Aether Spirits are easily identifiable by their distinctive gold border. Similar to Honkai: Star Rail characters, each Aether Spirit boasts a Basic ATK, a Skill, an Ultimate, and a Talent. However, instead of elemental types, Aether Spirits fall into three categories: Aberrants, Humanoids, or Mechanicals, creating a rock-paper-scissors dynamic.

Aberrants overpower Humanoids, Humanoids triumph over Mechanicals, and Mechanicals excel against Aberrants. Understanding this dynamic is crucial for team creation, as Aether Spirits deal 1.5x damage against their strengths and 0.8x damage against their weaknesses.

Building Your Aether Spirit Roster

Prioritize leveling up Trotter and the Overlords, and ensure each Aether Spirit is equipped with suitable Expansion Chips. These chips can be transferred between Aether Spirits, allowing for strategic customization. For specific recommendations, refer to the in-game Expansion Chip guide.

Final Challenges

In the climactic Final Showdown, your adversaries in the Silver Wolf Duel will include:

  1. Level 6 Vagrant – Humanoid
  2. Level 6 Voidranger: Trampler – Aberrant
  3. Level 6 Imaginary Weaver – Aberrant
  4. Level 6 Voidranger: Reaver – Aberrant

Now, let’s delve into the strategies to beat Silver Wolf in this challenging duel.

Adapting Your Strategy

Craft a team that capitalizes on the strengths and weaknesses of Aether Spirits. Leverage the rock-paper-scissors dynamic to deal maximum damage while minimizing the hits your team takes. Prioritize Aether Spirits that counter Silver Wolf’s lineup.

Optimizing Aether Spirit Abilities

Understanding the Basic ATK, Skill, Ultimate, and Talent of each Aether Spirit is crucial. Coordinate their abilities strategically to maximize damage output and exploit any weaknesses in Silver Wolf’s lineup.

Exploiting Elemental Dynamics

Silver Wolf’s team comprises Humanoids and Aberrants. Deploy Aether Spirits that excel against these types to gain a significant advantage. The Elemental Dynamics play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of battles.

Leveling and Equipping

Ensure your Aether Spirits are at least at Level 6, if not higher, for enhanced stats and abilities. Additionally, regularly check and optimize the Expansion Chips on each Aether Spirit to fine-tune their performance.

Team Synergy

Build a team that works cohesively, with Aether Spirits complementing each other’s strengths and covering weaknesses. Effective synergy can turn the tide in your favor during intense duels.

By understanding the rock-paper-scissors dynamics, optimizing Aether Spirit abilities, exploiting elemental dynamics, leveling and equipping wisely, and fostering team synergy, you’ll increase your chances of emerging triumphant in the Silver Wolf Duel.