How To Beat Mega Garchomp in Pokemon GO A guide on Beating Mega Garchomp in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO trainers are continually challenged by new raid bosses, and the latest addition to the roster is the formidable Mega Garchomp. This guide aims to provide a detailed walkthrough of Mega Garchomp’s raid counters, weaknesses, and the possibility of obtaining a Shiny Mega Garchomp.

Credits – CharlieIntel

Scheduled for its grand entrance on the upcoming Raid Day event on November 11, 2023, Mega Garchomp promises an incredible challenge for trainers eager to expand their Pokedex. Victory in the Mega Garchomp raid will reward players with the Shiny Mega Garchomp.

Mega Garchomp undergoes a substantial boost in CP and stats when featured as a Mega raid boss. This dual Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon boasts a formidable move pool and a staggering maximum CP of 6132. Trainers must be prepared for a tough battle, necessitating both meta-knowledge and a robust battle roster to overcome the challenges posed by Mega Garchomp raids.

Mega Garchomp’s Weaknesses:

Mega Garchomp excels in offense, featuring an attack-centric stat spread of 339 ATK, 222 DEF, and 239 STA. Its moveset includes Dragon Tail and Outrage, resulting in a formidable total DPS of 21.65. Identifying weaknesses is crucial, as Mega Garchomp is susceptible to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type moves, while demonstrating resistance against Electric, Fire, Poison, and Rock-type attacks.

Leveraging the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) Effect:

Trainers can optimise damage output by capitalising on the Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) effect. This occurs when a Pokemon’s attack aligns with its innate attribute type, resulting in boosted damage to the raid boss. Using this strategy can significantly enhance the effectiveness of attacks against Mega Garchomp.

The Ultimate Raid Roster:

For Mega Garchomp raids, trainers must strategically assemble a roster of powerful counters that align with the Pokemon’s weaknesses and trigger the STAB effect. Here are some top Mega Garchomp counters:

  1. Galarian Standard Darmanitan

    • Fast Move: Ice Fang
    • Charged Move: Avalanche
  2. Shadow Mewtwo

    • Fast Move: Psycho Cut
    • Charged Move: Ice Beam
  3. Shadow Mamoswine

    • Fast Move: Powder Snow
    • Charged Move: Avalanche
  4. Shadow Mr. Rime

    • Fast Move: Ice Shard
    • Charged Move: Triple Axel
  5. Mega Abomasnow

    • Fast Move: Powder Snow
    • Charged Move: Weather Ball
  6. Shadow Weavile

    • Fast Move: Ice Shard
    • Charged Move: Avalanche
  7. Mega Rayquaza

    • Fast Move: Dragon Tail
    • Charged Move: Outrage

With a lineup tailored to Mega Garchomp’s weaknesses, a team of 3-5 skilled trainers with high-level Pokemon can successfully take down the raid boss under favorable weather conditions.

Strategic Considerations

While Shadow Pokemon offer substantial power, their high cost and the need for specific events to remove Frustration with a Charge TM make them less accessible for many trainers. Therefore, this guide focuses on non-Shadow raid counters for practicality.

Furthermore, utilizing mega-evolved Pokemon is strongly recommended, not only for their raw power but also for the additional damage output against Mega Garchomp. Mega-evolving provides a substantial bonus across all types that are super-effective against the formidable raid boss.

Unlocking the Shiny Garchomp 

For trainers seeking the added thrill of a Shiny Mega Garchomp, the path begins with obtaining a Shiny Garchomp. While the Mega Garchomp raid itself offers a chance to encounter its Shiny variant, the encounter is not guaranteed. Trainers must engage in multiple Mega raids to increase Garchomp’s spawn rate and improve the odds of encountering a Shiny Garchomp.

Once a Shiny Garchomp is secured, trainers can invest 200 Mega Energy to Mega evolve it into the coveted Shiny Mega Garchomp. Additional Mega Energy can be earned by participating in multiple raids or completing daily tasks involving Garchomp or its evolutionary line.

By leveraging the STAB effect and assembling a team of powerful counters, trainers can confidently face the challenges posed by Mega Garchomp and even unlock the  Shiny Mega Garchomp for their Pokedex.