How To Beat Crazed Lizard Cat in The Battle Cats A guide on Beating Crazed Lizard Cat in The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats, a popular tower defense game, is celebrated for its unique characters and unconventional gameplay. Among the eccentric cat-themed foes you encounter in the game, the Crazed Lizard Cat stands out as one of the most formidable. This relentless reptilian feline demands strategic thinking and precise execution to conquer. If you find yourself struggling against this tough adversary, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will provide you with essential tips and strategies on how to defeat the Crazed Lizard Cat in The Battle Cats and continue your victorious journey!

Credits – BattlecatsClub

The Crazed Lizard Cat makes its first appearance in the “Mammals?” stage, the 8th Crazed Cat Stage. These stages are available to players only once a month, so preparation is crucial.

While there isn’t a guaranteed method for defeating the Crazed Lizard Cat, several tactics can provide you with an advantage:

  1. Exploit Weaknesses: The Crazed Lizard Cat has two significant weaknesses – low damage output and vulnerability to knockback. To exploit these weaknesses, bring Cat Units with high damage outputs, knockback abilities, and long-range attacks.
  2. High HP Cat Units: It is strongly recommended to bring Cat Units with high HP. These units can endure more hits from the Crazed Lizard Cat, allowing them to deal more damage before falling. Jamiera Cat is an excellent choice for this purpose.
  3. Outrange the Crazed Lizard Cat: To minimize the risk of taking damage, select Cat Units that can attack from a distance and out-range the Crazed Lizard Cat’s attacks. Cyberpunk Cat is a suitable option.
  4. Leveled Cat Units: Ensure all your Cat Units are adequately leveled before the battle. It is recommended to have Cat Units leveled between 15 and 20 as a minimum.
  5. Meatshield Cat Units: Bring at least three meatshield Cat Units to distract and keep other enemies away from your heavy hitters. These units will help you control the battlefield.

By implementing these tactics, you can increase your chances of defeating the Crazed Lizard Cat in The Battle Cats. Victory may not come easily, but with the right approach, it is within your reach.

Crazed Lizard Cat Stats

The Crazed Lizard Cat is notorious for being one of the most challenging adversaries in the Crazed Cat Stages. Several factors contribute to its formidable reputation:

  1. Impressive Health Pool: The Crazed Lizard Cat possesses a substantial health pool, though not as high as some boss Cats. With 600,000 HP, it can withstand a significant amount of damage, making early victories unlikely.
  2. Long Attack Range: The Crazed Lizard Cat has an exceptionally long attack range. To have any chance of defeating it, you must keep it at the opposite end of the battlefield. Constantly monitoring its position is crucial.
  3. Multiple Crazed Lizard Cats: In its debut stage, the game spawns multiple Crazed Lizard Cats simultaneously. Facing an entire army of these formidable foes can be overwhelming. Concentrating on one Crazed Lizard Cat is challenging enough, but dealing with many at once is an even greater test of your strategy and skill.

Defeating the Crazed Lizard Cat in The Battle Cats is no small feat, but with the right tactics and careful planning, it is achievable. This challenging enemy may have an impressive health pool and long attack range, but by exploiting its weaknesses, using high-HP Cat Units, ensuring your units are adequately leveled, and employing meatshield Cat Units, you can enhance your chances of victory. While there is no guaranteed method for success, these strategies can help you on your path to overcoming the Crazed Lizard Cat and continuing your journey to victory in The Battle Cats.