How to Archive Amazon Orders

With Amazon, we can now easily purchase from the comfort of our homes, making it a vital part of our lives. Our order history on Amazon might get cluttered with past purchases over time, making it difficult to locate certain things. Archiving Amazon orders is a helpful option to keep your account organised and track of your purchases. We will walk you through the process of preserving your Amazon orders in this article.

Why Are Amazon Orders Archived?

Keeping track of your Amazon orders has many advantages. It makes it simpler to locate recent purchases and manage your account more effectively by organising your order history. Those who want to maintain a clean order history and make regular purchases will find archiving to be extremely helpful.

Getting into Your Amazon Account

To begin, launch your favourite browser and go to the Amazon website. Enter your login information to access your Amazon account. Find the “Account & Lists” option in the upper right corner of the website after logging in.

Obtaining Order History

From the “Account & Lists” dropdown box, select “Your Orders.” This will direct you to a page that shows you an extensive list of all of your orders from Amazon. You can browse the specifics of each order and examine your most recent purchases here.

Recognising Archiving Orders

Find the orders you want to archive by going through your order history. Remember that moving orders to a different section for better organisation does not mean that they are deleted.

Keeping Track of Specific Orders

Click on the order number to archive that particular order. You can choose to “Archive Order” from the order details page. The order will be relocated to the archive area when you select this option.

Keeping Records of Several Orders

Return to the “Your Orders” home page if you wish to archive numerous orders at once. Click the “Archive Order” button after checking the boxes next to the orders you want to archive. Prior to archiving the orders, Amazon will verify your choice.

Looking at Past Orders

Return to the “Your Orders” page and select the “Archived Orders” link to view your archived orders. All of the orders you have archived can be seen here as a separate list.

Bringing Back Archived Orders

You can quickly restore an archived order to your primary order history if you ever need to review or refer to it. After choosing the order you wish to restore on the “Archived Orders” page, pick “Unarchive Order” from the menu.

Last Words of Advice on Order Management

  • To keep an order history tidy and organised, periodically examine and archive previous orders.
  • To find specific purchases fast, use the search and filter tools on the “Your Orders” tab.
  • To further organise your orders, make use of order categories and labels.


In conclusion, the organisation and privacy of your account can be much improved by the simple procedure of archiving Amazon orders. You may quickly manage your previous purchases on the platform and maintain a clean order history by following the easy procedures described in this article. After taking a few minutes to archive your orders, you’ll have a safer and more efficient Amazon shopping experience.