Google to manufacture smartphones in India, first Pixel 8 expected in 2024

Imagine this: The renowned Google Pixel 8, created in the center of Silicon Valley, will soon be rooted in India’s busy streets. The tech giant Google, who is credited with transforming our digital life, has revealed some shocking news. Google Senior Vice President for Devices and Services, Rick Osterloh, unveiled a bold plan to manufacture the Pixel 8 on the dynamic Indian subcontinent during the Google for India 2023 event. We’ll go on an interesting journey to examine this ground-breaking invention and discover the fascinating effects it promises to have on the smartphone market as well as India’s rapidly expanding manufacturing sector in this article.

Credits: CNBC TV18

Google’s Unwavering Love Affair with India

Google’s affair with India has always been a passionate one, and the grand unveiling of its plan to manufacture the Pixel 8 in India is a love letter to a billion users. Rick Osterloh made it crystal clear at the event: India is not just another market for Google; it’s a priority. The decision to produce Pixel smartphones locally showcases Google’s unwavering commitment to deliver top-notch hardware and software capabilities to India’s eager tech enthusiasts.

Building Partnerships, Bridging Horizons

However, Google’s decision to collaborate with both domestic and foreign manufacturers in India adds even more intrigue to this Pixel story. It involves more than just putting phones together; it involves creating an ecosystem. This collaboration is a nod to the “Make in India” campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which seeks to establish India as a hub for global manufacturing. Google is assisting in leading the way rather than merely joining the trend.

Impact Unleashed: A Pixel Revolution in India’s Smartphone Universe

Now, let’s dive headfirst into the exhilarating consequences of this Pixel paradigm shift in the smartphone industry.

The Price is Right: Local manufacturing generally leads to cost savings, and that’s music to the ears of Indian consumers. With Pixel 8 getting its ‘Made in India’ tag, expect it to waltz into your life at a more wallet-friendly price. This can only mean one thing: more Pixels in the hands of more people.

Jobs Galore: Local manufacturing isn’t just about churning out phones; it’s about creating jobs. Google’s manufacturing foray will likely paint a brighter employment picture in India. It’s not just about selling Pixels; it’s about building careers.

Battle-Ready: The Pixel 8, freshly baked in India, isn’t just another contender in the smartphone arena; it’s a heavyweight champion. With a competitive price tag, it’s set to challenge the status quo and give other smartphone giants a run for their money.

Government’s Cheers: Google’s Move Gets a Thumbs-Up

The Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw, attended the function as a means of the government endorsing Google’s manufacturing strategy. The ‘Make in India’ campaign by the Indian government has already propelled the nation into the electronic manufacturing industry. Google is now a part of this manufacturing powerhouse. The semiconductor market in India is expanding, and it is expanding very quickly. India is stretching its tech powers, as seen by the first semiconductor facility blooming within a year of the policy’s establishment.

Beyond Pixels: Other Exciting Announcements

But Google didn’t just drop a Pixel bomb; it orchestrated a tech symphony at the Google for India 2023 event.

YouTube Cleanup: Over two million YouTube videos in India met the chopping block between April and June 2023, all due to policy violations. Google is determined to maintain high content standards and ensure that you only see the best on YouTube.

Multilingual News Hub: In a country with a linguistic tapestry as rich as India, there’s a constant hunger for news in various languages. YouTube’s dedicated news page in 11 Indian languages is about to quench that thirst for verified news.

Chromebooks for Students: Google and HP have teamed up to create affordable Google Chromebooks specially tailored for students in India. It’s not just about a device; it’s about equipping the future minds of India.

The Great Indian App Extravaganza

It may surprise you to learn that 28 billion mobile apps are downloaded annually by Indians. That is the fervor of a country addicted to technology. And India ranked third internationally in the first half of 2023 among consumers of high-end smartphones. This tech-loving mania is expected to intensify with the Pixel’s migration to local manufacturing.