CoinSwitch Turns Unprofitable, Reports Rs 456-Crore Loss In FY22

Few businesses in the cryptocurrency space have been able to captivate investors’ and fans’ attention as much as CoinSwitch. The transition of the Indian crypto unicorn from a successful company in the fiscal year 2021 to a losing venture in 2022 has sparked debates about the workings of the crypto market.

Credits: BQ Prime

CoinSwitch Overview:

CoinSwitch, registered as Bitcipher Labs LLP, is a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market. The company, founded by Ashish Singhal and Vimal Sagar Tiwari, has become a household name in the crypto space, offering a platform that allows users to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies effortlessly. It has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface and ability to facilitate quick and secure cryptocurrency exchanges.

An Impressive Year of Growth:

For CoinSwitch, the fiscal year 2021 marked a sea change as it recorded a profit of Rs 19.3 crore. This success is a testament to the company’s sound business strategy, which centered on giving cryptocurrency investors and traders a frictionless experience. Despite managing a turnover of Rs 71.3 crore, the company was able to earn a profit. However, CoinSwitch’s financial performance saw significant improvements in the 2022 fiscal year.

A Sharp Turn: Profits to Losses:

In a surprising turn of events, CoinSwitch, which was previously in the green, reported a staggering loss of Rs 456.6 crore in fiscal year 2022. This loss marked the company’s first year in the red. The dramatic shift from profitability to losses has left many in the crypto industry and financial markets curious about the reasons behind this sudden change.

Expenditure Surge:

One of the key factors contributing to CoinSwitch’s financial challenges in FY22 was a remarkable increase in expenditure. The company’s expenses rose sharply from Rs 62.7 crore in FY21 to a staggering Rs 686.3 crore in FY22. This represents a substantial surge in costs that outpaced revenue growth.

Selling Expenses and Other Expenses:

The breakdown of CoinSwitch’s expenses revealed that a significant portion of the increased expenditure was allocated to “selling expenses” and “other expenses.” These two categories made up a whopping 83% of the total expenditure.

Selling Expenses: “Selling expenses” includes marketing and promotional costs. It’s apparent that CoinSwitch invested heavily in marketing and promotional activities in its pursuit of growth and expansion. This approach can be seen as a common strategy among tech startups aiming to establish themselves in competitive markets.

Other Expenses: “Other expenses” primarily encompassed professional and consulting charges, as well as software and IT expenses. These expenditures are often associated with the development and maintenance of a tech-driven platform like CoinSwitch.

CoinSwitch’s Response:

A CoinSwitch representative responded to questions on the surprising financial results by stating that the company’s growth was fueled by strategic investments and expenses in FY22, which resulted in losses. The company has been profitable since its founding, the spokesman noted, adding that they closely monitor unit economics and carefully control spending to make sure they support the company’s expansion.

Furthermore, the spokesman disclosed that CoinSwitch has significantly worked to strengthen its financial standing in FY23 by cutting “selling expenses” by more than 90%. This suggests a change in strategy toward something more economical without sacrificing the goal of growth and expansion.

Impact and Future Prospects:

CoinSwitch’s journey from profits to losses and its transition into a unicorn status reflect the dynamism of the crypto industry and the challenges associated with rapid expansion.

Impact on CoinSwitch: While the financial losses in FY22 may appear concerning, CoinSwitch’s ability to secure unicorn status and raise substantial funds indicates investor confidence in its long-term potential. The reduction in selling expenses in FY23 suggests a more sustainable growth strategy.

Future Prospects: CoinSwitch’s CEO, Ashish Singhal, has indicated plans to expand the platform to encompass multiple asset classes, potentially broadening its appeal to a wider range of investors. This strategic move could position the company for a brighter future and potentially drive it back into profitability.


The financial journey that CoinSwitch took in FY22—from profits to losses—is a tale that captures the vibrancy and inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Although the abrupt change in circumstances is remarkable, the company’s adaptability, strategic moves, and unicorn status imply that it will continue to be a major force in the developing field of digital assets. The company’s future prospects are bright, with growth and financial stability expected in the fiercely competitive world of cryptocurrencies as it turns into a full-stack wealth management software and expands its capabilities.