Bose invests in wearables maker Noise

In a game-changing move for the Indian smart wearables market, Noise, a homegrown audio and wearables company, has announced a significant milestone in its journey. After a decade of being a bootstrapped entity, Noise has successfully raised funds from Bose, a renowned global leader in audio technology based in the United States. This strategic move is poised to reshape the future of Noise and the smart wearables landscape in India.

Credits: MoneyControl

The Partnership Unveiled:

Noise has chosen to accept strategic capital from Bose, a business with a rich heritage that dates back to 1964, following a ten-year independent journey. Bose, which is renowned for producing its own electronics and audio solutions, offers a plethora of technological know-how and experience. With this partnership, Noise will no longer be a bootstrapped company, which will lead to new opportunities and international market expansion.

Strategic Funding Dynamics:

The funding from Bose is categorized as part of Noise’s Series A round, and while specific financial details remain undisclosed, the term “strategic funding” suggests a partnership beyond mere financial support. Strategic funding typically involves the incoming investor actively contributing to a business’s growth trajectory, aiding in geographical expansion, and fostering product innovation. In this case, Bose’s extensive supply chain capabilities could potentially pave the way for Noise’s products to reach markets worldwide.

Synergy Between Tech Giants:

The CEO and co-founder of Noise, Gaurav Khatri, underlined the importance of the collaboration and the synergy between the two tech behemoths brought together by a common love of innovation. With a focus on democratizing the best user experience, premium-segment products, and state-of-the-art technology, the partnership seeks to redefine the future of smart wearables. According to Khatri, the partnership will function as a spark to open up new markets, push limits, and have a significant impact on the digital industry.

Bose’s Perspective:

Nicholas Smith, Senior Vice-President, Strategy and Business Development at Bose, expressed the rationale behind investing in Noise. As Bose sought to extend the benefits of its technology to a broader audience in India, Noise emerged as the ideal partner. Smith commended Noise’s leadership in the wearables category and their deep understanding of customer preferences, anticipating that this collaboration would enable the introduction of new and differentiated products in a rapidly growing market.

Competitive Landscape:

Noise faces competition from prominent players in the smart wearables domain, such as Boat, Sony, OnePlus, Fireboltt, Portronics, and Jabra. The funding from Bose positions Noise strategically in this competitive landscape, allowing it to strengthen its market presence and innovation capabilities.

Financial Snapshot of Noise:

Despite seeing a decline in profits to Rs 88 lakh in FY23 from Rs 36 crore in FY22, Noise has witnessed a substantial increase in revenues from Rs 793 crore in FY22 to Rs 1,427 crore in FY23. The infusion of strategic funding from Bose is expected to bolster Noise’s financial standing and contribute to its growth trajectory.

Possible Impact of the Partnership:

The collaboration between Noise and Bose holds significant promise for both companies and the broader market. Here are some potential impacts:

Global Expansion: With Bose’s global reach and supply chain capabilities, Noise stands to benefit from an expanded market presence beyond India, potentially reaching consumers worldwide.

Innovation Acceleration: Bose’s expertise in audio technology coupled with Noise’s stronghold in smart wearables creates a fertile ground for accelerated innovation. This could result in the development of cutting-edge products that redefine the user experience.

Market Differentiation: The partnership positions Noise as a formidable player in the smart wearables market, setting it apart from competitors through the infusion of Bose’s technological prowess.

Financial Strengthening: The strategic funding is expected to provide Noise with the financial resources needed for further research and development, marketing initiatives, and overall business expansion.


The collaboration between Noise and Bose marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Indian smart wearables market. As two tech giants join forces, the synergies created are poised to reshape the landscape, bringing forth a new era of innovation, global expansion, and heightened competition. The impact of this partnership goes beyond financial investment, signaling a strategic alliance that aims to redefine the boundaries of what smart wearables can achieve. As Noise embarks on this new chapter, the tech world eagerly awaits the unveiling of premium products and groundbreaking advancements that will undoubtedly make a resounding “Noise” on the global stage.