After COO, Unacademy CFO Subramanian Ramachandran Quits

Unexpectedly, Unacademy is about to undergo yet another big leadership transition. Following the departure of Chief Operating Officer (COO) Vivek Sinha in August, the CFO is now the one to retire. Since 2019, Subramanian Ramachandran has been in charge of Unacademy’s finances; he will stay in that position until March 31, 2024. What does this signify for Unacademy’s future as well as the larger edtech scene?

Credits: Inc42

Unraveling the Journey of Subramanian Ramachandran

Ramachandran and Unacademy first collaborated in 2019. He was the prestigious CFO at Medi Assist Healthcare Services before joining Unacademy. In his capacity as CFO of Unacademy, Ramachandran was crucial in guiding the company’s finances through the perilous edtech sector. Unacademy now has the difficult task of finding a qualified replacement for him after his resignation.

Unacademy’s Meteoric Rise in EdTech

Founded in 2015 by the trio of Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh, Unacademy has emerged as a formidable force in the Indian edtech arena. Offering an array of online courses with a primary focus on test preparation, Unacademy has scaled unprecedented heights. The platform has not only experienced remarkable growth but has also attracted substantial investments, solidifying its status as an edtech unicorn.

The Quest for Profitability and Efficient Unit Economics

One of the driving factors behind the changes at Unacademy is the industry’s collective pivot towards profitability and sustainable business models. Like its competitors, Unacademy is now laser-focused on achieving robust unit economics and a path to profitability. Multiple rounds of layoffs have been implemented to streamline operations and cut costs, marking a significant shift in priorities.

The Ripple Effect

The departure of Ramachandran has significant ramifications for Unacademy. He was crucial to the management of the business’s finances in his capacity as CFO. His exit may leave a vacuum that the business needs to quickly cover with a qualified replacement. Any organization’s CFO is its financial engine, so making sure the transition goes smoothly is essential to the platform’s continued success.

The Domino Effect of Key Departures

The exit of prominent executives can trigger a series of repercussions for any company. These can range from disruptions in ongoing projects and a possible loss of institutional knowledge to the instigation of uncertainty among employees and investors. For Unacademy, it is imperative that the transition in leadership roles is executed smoothly to safeguard its growth trajectory.

The Evolution of EdTech

The edtech landscape in India is evolving at breakneck speed. The pandemic expedited the adoption of online learning, but as the world adjusts to a post-pandemic reality, the edtech industry is recalibrating its strategies. The focus has shifted from rapid expansion to sustainable growth and profitability.

What Lies Ahead for Unacademy

Gaurav Munjal, Unacademy’s CEO, recently shed light on the company’s financial performance. He proudly shared that the company had successfully reduced its monthly cash burn to Rs 1.9 crore and achieved revenues of Rs 130 crore in May. These figures reflect Unacademy’s substantial progress towards financial sustainability, but the departure of the CFO will play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future.


Unacademy is not sailing these uncertain waters alone. Many of its competitors are navigating similar transitions, streamlining their operations, reducing costs, and optimizing unit economics. The edtech sector is fiercely competitive, and only those who can adapt to the changing environment will remain successful.

The Road Ahead

Unacademy’s success during this pivotal time will hinge on its capacity to successfully handle changes in leadership, adjust to the changing edtech scene, and maintain its dedication to long-term financial viability. The departure of the COO and CFO may represent important organizational changes, but it also presents Unacademy with a chance to reestablish its position as a pioneer in India’s edtech industry.

In the ever-evolving realm of edtech, adaptability and resilience are the watchwords. The choices Unacademy makes in the months ahead will be the compass guiding its success in the ever-changing world of online education. With the right leadership and an unwavering commitment to its mission, Unacademy stands poised to continue shaping the future of education in India and beyond. Stay tuned as this exciting edtech journey unfolds.